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Just a​ few hours ago, a​ friend of​ mine related to​ me how frustrating her experience was buying from a​ drugstore. She told me the most absurdly funny story about how a​ certain​ drugstore, not so far away from their house, took two hours of​ her precious time just for​ let her buy some muscle relaxants. Who would have expected that for​ a​ task which one would expect to​ be urgently done, something as​ irritatingly taxing can actually happen instead. this​ was the story she told me, which would have been better delivered personally by my friend with her animated gestures and​ vivid facial expressions.

The day started rather sunny, which is​ why it​ was kind of​ surprising when a​ heavy downpour of​ rain​ happened during midday. The adventure all started when my friend's cousin​ decided to​ wear some slippers to​ school that day. it​ was because of​ those pair of​ slippers that she easily slipped (Maybe this​ has got to​ do with the footwear being "slippers") when the roads became slippery. With such a​ situation, there seems to​ be no escape at​ all. Bottom line is​ this, her cousin​ experienced a​ strain​ and​ had to​ take some muscle relaxants to​ get well the soonest possible time. Unfortunately, the poor girl is​ unable to​ make the necessary errands of​ buying the much-needed medications herself. Which is​ the very reason​ why my friend, being the kind cousin​ that she is, volunteered to​ do the tasks instead. and​ this​ act of​ kindness began one of​ the most unforgettable days that she had in​ her entire life.

After obtaining the prescription​ from their family doctor, she went to​ walk toward the nearest pharmacy from their home. The rain​ was still pouring heavily as​ a​ speeding car passed by. as​ one might expect on​ a​ day which began badly, the car's tire hit a​ puddle of​ rainwater which sent the brown, muddy water flying toward my friend. Luckily, it​ only hit the lower part of​ her dress. this​ was not the worst scenario, however. Upon​ her arrival at​ the drugstore, she was dismissively told that the drug she was looking for​ was not available anymore. Feeling worried and​ some sense of​ urgency for​ her cousin, she told the attendant at​ the pharmacy if​ she can have the generic form instead. The lady told her to​ wait for​ a​ while as​ she would ask first if​ that will be allowed. Awhile took a​ few minutes, a​ few minutes turned to​ almost an​ hour, then two hours. in​ between those agonizing two hours, she was asked to​ get another prescription, she argued to​ personally talk to​ the manager or​ pharmacist (which for​ unknown reason​ cannot attend to​ her within​ the two hours she waited), and​ finally persuaded the lady to​ provide some medication​ out of​ reason​ and​ pity (An appeal that usually worked effectively to​ make people agree).

She went home that afternoon​ still damp, hungry, and​ with aching feet. Had it​ not been for​ her cousin's condition, she would never bear any of​ those arguments longer than she can say "nevermind then". She even swore never to​ buy from a​ pharmacy again, well maybe not from the pharmacy where she spent hours waiting and​ arguing. After a​ few hours she called to​ say that she changed her mind about her decision​ of​ not buying from drugstores anymore. this​ was after she heard of​ an​ online drugstore that never had to​ make her wait, never had to​ make her walk under the rain, and​ never had to​ start with her an​ argument. Online, all she needed to​ do was fill-in​ some forms, assure the site that an​ appropriate prescription​ has been obtained, pay for​ the products, and​ get a​ no-cost, hassle-free delivery. All she had to​ do next is​ wait for​ the deliveries at​ the comforts of​ her home.

Thank goodness, therefore, for​ online pharmacies. as​ a​ matter of​ fact, despite my friend's cousin's difficulty in​ walking, she can still make the orders online herself. Worst case scenario is​ for​ those who live alone and​ suddenly get involved in​ an​ unlucky circumstance, a​ similar accident let us say, with no one to​ take care of​ them except themselves. at​ least, because of​ online drugstores, there is​ still a​ chance for​ immediate treatment.

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