Online Arcade Games

Online Arcade Games
The most popular online game is​ Pac-man .​
Also,​ don’t forget about Pong,​ Bejeweled,​ and even Street Fighter .​
These games are almost timeless and they will stay alive through hi-definition graphics,​ which makes the​ game a​ bit more sophisticated .​
Joust is​ a​ classic arcade game that puts you in​ the​ role of​ a​ knight with a​ lance while mounted on​ an​ ostrich .​
The game has a​ split screen with five platforms that hang in​ the​ mid air .​
The enemies come in​ wave after wave from the​ one end of​ the​ screen .​
They appear at​ the​ screens in​ four different spawn points .​
Basically,​ for you to​ destroy you enemy,​ you will need to​ collide with the​ knight,​ but you have to​ be at​ the​ higher position in​ order to​ do so .​
Donkey Kong
Then there came Donkey Kong,​ which was released by Nintendo .​
The game was the​ pioneer in​ the​ platform genre as​ the​ game play basically revolved around maneuvering.
The main character comes across a​ series of​ platforms while dodging various obstacles .​
When it​ comes to​ the​ hero of​ the​ game,​ you will find that it​ is​ basically a​ huge ape named Donkey Kong and it​ has become a​ very popular character .​
Despite an​ initial slow down,​ the​ game went on​ to​ become a​ tremendous success .​
Consequently,​ the​ game was developed for personal consoles.
Crimson skies
A lot of​ people don’t realize that Crimson Skies is​ an​ arcade game that was developed by FASA .​
The game was released as​ a​ flight simulator with an​ arcade touch .​
Flight control scheme is​ fairly simple .​
Then the​ take off and the​ landing happen almost automated.
Some of​ the​ games of​ recently been placed on​ Xbox,​ but you will find that there is​ a​ whole fleet of​ options when it​ comes to​ fighters .​
There are a​ lot of​ great designs and graphics to​ go along with these games .​

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