Online Applications Are The Safest Method For Obtaining Loans And Insurance

Online Applications Are the​ Safest Method For Obtaining Loans And Insurance!
When considering applying on-line for a​ mortgage,​ loan or​ insurance product,​ keep in​ mind that Online Applications Are the​ Safest Method! Recent studies have shown on-line theft and identity fraud is​ dramatically LESS than what it​ is​ on​ the​ streets .​
Every loan or​ insurance company offers a​ SSL encrypted form.
Sockets Layer (SSL),​ are cryptographic protocols that provide secure communications on​ the​ Internet for such things as​ web browsing,​ e-mail,​ Internet faxing,​ instant messaging and other data transfers.
Always look for the​ LOCK at​ the​ bottom right hand side of​ your browser window,​ if​ it​ is​ there,​ then that means the​ page is​ SSL secured,​ and your information can NEVER be hijacked or​ stolen .​
It’s impossible to​ the​ point that not even a​ super computer can crack that encryption.
Another reason to​ apply on-line for a​ mortgage,​ loan and insurance product is​ that you​ may have a​ better chance of​ getting approved .​
Recent studies have shown that on-line applications are approved more easily and due to​ simple technical requirements,​ you​ just have to​ meet certain criteria to​ get approved .​
Other factors as​ your credit rating and any past or​ present problems could always get you​ denied for a​ certain financial product,​ but there is​ hope,​ as​ on-line applications are approved more,​ processed faster and have a​ greater chance of​ success .​
And it​ couldn't be easier!
FAQ: Will applying on-line hurt my credit score?
No,​ the​ application is​ considered a​ soft hit .​
There are two kinds of​ hits that affect your credit score,​ soft hits and hard hits .​
a​ soft hit shows up on​ your credit profile but does not affect your score,​ whereas a​ hard hit is​ considered bad for your credit profile and may lower your credit score.
Only hard hits can make your credit score go down .​
a​ hard hit is​ considered when a​ party such as​ your credit card company sends your credit statement to​ the​ credit bureaus claiming you​ are past due 3 months.
Any check on​ your credit history through the​ credit bureaus for such things such as​ applications will not be considered a​ hard hit .​
Nevertheless,​ it​ is​ still wrong to​ OVER apply .​
Do not over apply for loans .​
That means,​ limit yourself to​ no more than 5 loan applications per month .​
Anything more could seem like an​ attempt go gain credit by someone that is​ desperate,​ and it​ could adversely affect your credit.

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