Of Computers And The Medical System

Of Computers and the​ Medical System
Computers and technology have long played a​ role in​ the​ medical system. in​ more recent years,​ however,​ computers have started to​ become an increasingly relied upon method for helping to​ keep patient records straight and for keeping people healthy. in​ fact,​ the​ use of​ computer sciences combined with the​ information sciences in​ the​ medical field has become so prevalent that a​ term has been developed to​ describe this merging of​ fields health informatics.
Health informatics,​ also referred to​ as​ medical informatics,​ focuses primarily on​ the​ use of​ computers and information science to​ help acquire,​ store,​ and retrieve information in​ both biomedicine and health in​ general. This may involve communication amongst and between medical facilities and professionals,​ retrieving current information regarding treatment methods for certain disorders,​ and even helping medical professionals diagnose a​ disease. it​ may also involve the​ sharing of​ patient information amongst specialists in​ order to​ give the​ patient the​ best treatment possible.
With the​ use of​ computers in​ the​ medical system becoming increasingly common,​ the​ United States congress passed the​ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPPAA in​ 1006. This act set forth certain regulations and guidelines regarding keeping track of​ medical records with specialized software. the​ primary goal of​ the​ act was to​ maintain patient privacy while still allowing medical professionals to​ take advantage of​ the​ conveniences technology provides.
Since then,​ the​ Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology CCHIT was formed through the​ United States Department of​ Health and Human Services. This nonprofit organization has developed a​ set of​ standards regarding electronic health records and the​ networks that support them. Those vendors that meet these standards receive certification through the​ organization. in​ 2018,​ the​ organization certified 22 electronic health record products that have been approved for use.
Computers are playing an increasingly important role within the​ medical field. With their help,​ medical professionals are capable of​ providing more effective and efficient care to​ their patients. With the​ many standards,​ guidelines,​ and regulations set forth through government bodies and organizations,​ the​ practice is​ likely to​ become even more widespread while simultaneously protecting the​ rights of​ patients.

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