No Win No Fee Claim Solicitor Benefits Of Appointing One

No Win​ No Fee Claim Solicitor - Benefits of​ Appointing One?
if​ you​ were not already aware of​ it, the world of​ personal injury is​ awash with a​ new buzz-phrase: the no win​ no fee claim .​
However, what is​ no win​ no fee and​ more importantly, what are the benefits of​ appointing a​ no win​ no fee claim solicitor?
With the spiralling costs of​ Legal Aid swamping the UK treasury, the UK Government decided that the time has come to​ introduce a​ new method by which compensation​ solicitors could be paid for​ personal injury claims, thereby reducing the burden on​ them .​
The alternative agreed upon​ and​ put into operation​ in​ 1998, the no win​ no fee claim.
What Does It Mean?
Basically, a​ no win​ no fee compensation​ claim is​ available to​ anyone who believes they have grounds to​ make a​ personal injury claim for​ compensation​ .​
Under this​ conditional fee arrangement, an​ accident solicitor representing you​ in​ a​ personal injury claim is​ only entitled to​ be paid his fees if​ he actually wins the case.
Why Would a​ Compensation​ Solicitor Agree To Such An Arrangement?
Under the law, if​ you​ win​ your​ personal injury compensation​ claim, your​ compensation​ solicitor is​ entitled to​ claim his fees and​ expenses from your​ opponent .​
As a​ result, if​ your​ solicitor believes your​ case has merit, he'll be willing to​ work for​ you​ for​ free, safe in​ the knowledge that he'll be paid for​ his work by your​ opponent once he wins the case.
Is There Anything I​ Need To Be Aware Of?
Yes; sometimes a​ no win​ no fee solicitor will try to​ make you​ agree to​ pay his fees on​ the grounds that you​ can be reimbursed by your​ opponent once you​ win​ the case .​
However, you​ should keep in​ mind that the courts will only reimburse you​ for​ the reasonable fee costs of​ your​ solicitor – so if​ you​ agree to​ such an​ arrangement there is​ a​ chance that you​ will not be getting 100% compensation​ you​ are rightfully entitled to.
Also, you​ need to​ keep in​ mind that if​ you​ lose your​ personal injury claim, although you​ will not be responsible for​ your​ own solicitor's fees, you​ may be held accountable for​ fees off your​ opponent and​ even, possibly, the court's fees .​
So, if​ you​ are going to​ use the services of​ a​ no win​ no fee compensation​ solicitor you​ should make sure that you​ ask him who'll pay if​ you​ do happen to​ lose the case .​
in​ this​ regard, a​ good accident solicitor will tell you​ that they have taken out insurance to​ cover this​ scenario .​
If, however, your​ solicitor has not taken out insurance, you​ should urge him to​ do so – as​ solicitors' and​ court fees are expensive and​ can easily be covered with a​ minimal premium paid to​ an​ insurance company.
What Are The Benefits of​ Appointing a​ No Win​ No Fee Claim Solicitor?
Beside the obvious benefit of​ not having to​ pay for​ your​ solicitor's services – whether you​ win​ or​ lose - the biggest benefit of​ appointing a​ no win​ no fee solicitor is​ the fact that you'll receive 100% of​ the personal injury compensation​ you​ are entitled to .​
in​ other words, none of​ the compensation​ you'll be paid from your​ no win​ no fee accident claim, will be eaten up in​ solicitors' fees and​ costs .​
in​ turn this​ means that the compensation​ you​ are paid can be put to​ good use that it​ was intended for​ – compensating you​ for​ the personal injury you​ suffered.
in​ addition​ to​ the above, because no win​ no fee solicitors are only paid on​ the basis that they win​ the personal injury case they are working on, they tend to​ be very good at​ what they do and​ are experts in​ personal injury law .​
As a​ result, they'll most probably be able to​ give you​ the best advice on​ whether or​ not your​ personal injury compensation​ claim has a​ chance of​ winning.

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