No Shortcuts To Health And Weight Loss

No Shortcuts to​ Health and Weight Loss
For some,​ losing weight is​ a​ neverending battle that entails personal and social consequences. Being overweight is​ now a​ health problem for about twothirds of​ the​ current U. S. population. Being overweight and obese increases the​ risk of​ heart disease,​ diabetes,​ hypertension,​ and some forms of​ cancer,​ and other diseases. as​ a​ social problem,​ being obese or​ overweight makes a​ person more susceptible to​ ridicule and name calling. in​ fact,​ it​ is​ now common to​ hear friends and relatives greet each other by saying,​ Oh! You gained weight! the​ more complimentary form is​ when people greet others by saying,​ Wow! You look like youve lost a​ lot of​ weight! Either way,​ the​ subliminal message of​ these greetings point to​ societys obsession with physical beauty. No wonder,​ many overweight and obese individuals struggle with maintaining their confidence and selfesteem in​ the​ face of​ societys aesthetic demands.
Due to​ these health risks and social consequences,​ more and more people are now becoming more conscious about their figure and lifestyle. Fitness and health industries are now experiencing a​ business boom due to​ the​ sheer number of​ people who want to​ shed excess weight. Somehow,​ even the​ busiest executives and hardworking employees are finding time to​ break some sweat. a​ lot of​ people have also become more conscious about their eating habits to​ the​ point that they now count every calorie in​ every meal they have.
Still,​ not all can afford the​ expensive gym memberships,​ much less have time to​ run on​ a​ treadmill or​ lift weights. Majority of​ people who need to​ lose weight struggle with having to​ cut down on​ food intake or​ in​ staying away from calorierich foods. Lack of​ time,​ discipline,​ and will to​ shed off those excess pounds has led many weight watchers to​ a​ quick fix method using socalled miracle diets. While a​ lot of​ diet plans offer guaranteed results,​ many do not have the​ focus to​ stay with their eating plan. the​ effectiveness of​ the​ trendiest and most popular diet fad ultimately depends on​ a​ persons ability and willingness to​ choose the​ right food and amount to​ eat. Its really not about the​ recipe. . . but about the​ persons desire to​ cut down on​ food.
Now,​ for some,​ there is​ an even better quick fix method of​ going on​ a​ diet. Instead of​ going to​ the​ gym and missing out on​ ones favorite delicacies,​ some people take weight loss pills. These weight loss pills work by helping reduce the​ absorption of​ fat in​ food that we​ eat; or​ act as​ an appetite suppressant.
There are a​ number of​ weightloss pills available at​ the​ local ​Drug​store,​ supermarket,​ and health food store. There are even weight loss pills that can be bought online. However,​ the​ safety and efficacy of​ these pills have not been adequately substantiated or​ proven. Some fake weight loss pills are downright dangerous.
Most people have heard of​ contemporary herbal weight loss pills,​ such as​ the​ ephedra ma huang pills or​ Hoodia Gordonii which are very popular today. in​ the​ last few years,​ hoodia has been heavily marketed as​ the​ latest in​ a​ long list of​ miracle herbal products that promote weight loss and overall health. the​ ban on​ certain weight loss diet pills such as​ ephedra has opened up a​ new market for Hoodia. the​ said ​Drug​ is​ now sold in​ health shops and in​ the​ Internet in​ various forms capsulated,​ powder,​ liquid,​ or​ as​ tea. Despite its popularity,​ there is​ no published research or​ random controlled trial in​ humans to​ show that Hoodia is​ safe or​ effective in​ pill form. Many of​ the​ Hoodia products being sold today are difficult to​ analyze in​ terms of​ purity or​ freshness.
To provide the​ public a​ safer and tested product,​ the​ U. S. Food and ​Drug​ Administration has approved a​ reducedstrength,​ overthecounter version of​ weight loss ingredient called Orlistat. it​ is​ a​ prescription weightloss medication for adults aged 18 and older. Orlistat,​ otherwise known as​ Alli,​ helps promote weight loss by decreasing absorption of​ fat by the​ intestines. the​ capsules are taken with meals,​ up to​ three times a​ day. This ingredient or​ pill is​ among the​ list of​ very popular weight loss diet pills. Still,​ Orlistat is​ intended to​ be used in​ conjunction with a​ reducedcalorie and lowfat diet,​ and regular exercise.
Losing weight is​ important to​ maintain ones health and to​ sustain a​ persons sense of​ comfort and confidence in​ social settings. People who are still in​ search for the​ best weight loss diet pill should make sure that the​ products they use are safe and FDAapproved. Losing weight should also be done in​ a​ very gradual manner. Starving ones self is​ a​ nono. Indeed,​ losing weight should ultimately be about regaining ones health and not just to​ attain physical perfection if​ there is​ such a​ thing. Losing weight and reaching the​ ideal number of​ pounds takes time. There are no shortcuts to​ weight loss and to​ achieving optimum health.
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