Nintendo Ds Homebrew Games Hundreds Of Free Nintendo Ds Games Are Just A Click Away

Nintendo Ds Homebrew Games - Hundreds Of Free Nintendo Ds Games Are Just a​ Click Away
When I​ first attempted trying to​ learn everything about Nintendo DS Homebrew,​ I​ was fascinated by the​ concept that there were hundreds of​ games and applications available for my Nintendo DS - Absolutely FREE! I​ have to​ admit that I​ had no idea as​ to​ what Homebrew software was .​
I​ read about it​ in​ online Nintendo DS forums,​ and kept hearing about interesting and sometimes amazing homebrew applications and homebrew games that I​ could simply download for free and play them on​ my Nintendo DS or​ DS Lite.
The reality of​ cost free video games and applications would be exciting to​ any gamer,​ and I​ am definitely no exception to​ the​ rule .​
So,​ just what is​ homebrew? a​ NDS Lite homebrew game is​ software written by clever game designers for the​ Nintendo DS handheld .​
a​ very large number of​ the​ games being of​ the​ highest quality .​
Homebrew greatly increases the​ functionality of​ the​ DS .​
And boy did I​ dig up video games .​
a​ number of​ the​ homebrew Nintendo DS Games are lower quality,​ but a​ vast majority of​ them would make even the​ best commercial games jealous.
After spending my time searching for more information and I​ spent most of​ a​ full week doing nothing but research,​ and lots of​ homebrew game downloading,​ I​ realized that what I​ needed to​ buy was a​ device that allowed me to​ store and then play all of​ the​ homebrew software that I​ now had sitting on​ my PC hard drive .​
From my research I​ discovered that there are some 15 or​ 20 homebrew / development and flash kits available for the​ Nintendo DS and the​ Gameboy Advance .​
One of​ the​ most popular units was the​ Supercard SD and a​ very new one,​ called the​ M3 DS Simply .​
These little devices are touted by homebrew gamers as​ the​ easiest to​ use,​ and most affordable Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS Media managers / development systems.
If you have a​ Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS Lite hand held systems,​ I​ would recommend the​ Supercard SD because the​ Supercard SD can also be used on​ your Gameboy Advance .​
And there are literally thousands of​ homebrew games and applications available for the​ Gameboy Advance system .​
Nintendo DS Homebrew will catch up to​ those numbers too,​ and perhaps will have even more free games and applications .​
Where do you find all of​ these free applications and games? Just fire up your internet browser and go to​ your favorite search engine and type in​ either NINTENDO DS HOMEBREW or​ GAMEBOY ADVANCE HOMEBREW and you'll get a​ list pages and pages long of​ websites that talk about,​ cater to,​ or​ just plain carry all of​ the​ latest FREE homebrew software .​
It's almost an​ adventure really .​
And I​ would not be surprised if​ some of​ these hombrew programmers end up being commercial game programmers in​ the​ very near future .​
The quality of​ the​ games is​ just that good!
Both the​ Supercard SD and the​ M3 DS Simply do much more than just play homebrew Nintendo DS Roms .​
They play movies,​ mp3 music,​ allow you to​ check out your latest digital photos in​ the​ JPEG picture format that most digital cameras use .​
Both of​ these units also allow you to​ read ebooks right on​ your Nintendo DS screen in​ the​ form of​ TXT documents .​
Now,​ when I​ say movies,​ I​ really mean movies .​
With the​ included software you can convert your DVD movies to​ play on​ the​ Supercard SD or​ the​ M3 DS Simply,​ and watch your movies on​ the​ go.
The Supercard SD (SD stands for Secure Digital) and the​ M3 DS Simply both have an​ advantage over many development kits .​
The Supercard SD uses low cost Secure Digital memory cards,​ for unlimited storage capacity,​ whie the​ M3 DS Simply uses microSD cards .​
You can easily find SD and microSD cards at​ any electronics store such as​ Radio Shack,​ BestBuy and even on​ eBay if​ you want a​ bargain and can wait a​ few days to​ get the​ item in​ the​ mail .​
I​ make reference to​ an​ advantage because almost all other flash kits have built in​ memory .​
While this can be a​ good thing,​ it​ does hold you back when you're looking for extra storage for movies,​ games,​ or​ applications.

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