Nice Bachelorette Party Games

Nice Bachelorette Party Games

Nice Bachelorette Party Games
Planning a​ bachelorette party is​ one of​ the​ easiest parts of​ a​ wedding to​ plan .​
There are literally hundreds of​ ideas for things to​ do and a​ myriad of​ options for games .​
Many of​ those ideas are a​ bit on​ the​ racy side,​ but there are plenty that that are just plain clean fun .​
For example,​ one popular bachelorette game involves asking the​ guests to​ become poets .​
Ahead of​ the​ party,​ take 50 index cards and on​ half,​ write romantic things,​ like roses,​ cuddly,​ etc .​
On the​ other 25 cards,​ write very non-romantic words or​ phrases,​ like nose hairs or​ ironing .​
Then have each guest draw one card from each pile .​
They should then create a​ silly poem based on​ the​ two very different words or​ phrases they have chosen,​ for example,​ Roses are red,​ your nose hairs are ewwwww.
One fun game that is​ sure to​ engender at​ least a​ few laughs is​ name that item .​
Take a​ paper bag (a fabric bag is​ better if​ you have one) and fill the​ bag with typical male items .​
The items might include a​ razor,​ a​ money clip,​ a​ tie,​ shoe polish,​ etc .​
Seal the​ bag,​ or​ fold it​ over really well .​
Then have each guest feel the​ bag and try to​ guess the​ contents .​
Have them write their guesses on​ a​ piece of​ paper .​
After everyone has had a​ chance to​ feel the​ bag,​ the​ contents are shown and the​ person with the​ most number of​ correct guesses gets the​ bag of​ male-oriented items.
Here's a​ fun idea .​
This game might take the​ whole of​ the​ bachelorette party,​ but it's a​ fun one that involves all the​ guests,​ helps them get to​ know one another and provides video proof you all had a​ good time .​
You need video cameras for this game,​ so if​ the​ host only has one camera,​ be sure to​ ask guests to​ bring more video cameras .​
Make sure you also have enough blank tapes for this game.
Depending on​ the​ number of​ guests at​ the​ party,​ you'll divide the​ party into two or​ more groups .​
It's best to​ divide the​ group into teams small enough so that the​ whole team can get into one car .​
So you'll have maybe five women on​ each team .​
You'll give each team a​ video camera,​ blank videotapes and a​ list of​ scavenger hunt type activities they must perform and tape .​
Some video scavenger hunt ideas include having a​ complete stranger sing the​ national anthem,​ having a​ member of​ the​ team sing I​ wish I​ were an​ Oscar Meyer hot dog in​ the​ meat section of​ the​ grocery store and taping a​ stranger who can do a​ good impersonation of​ John Wayne .​
The teams should be given a​ specific amount of​ time in​ which to​ complete their assigned tasks and then return to​ the​ party location (ideally,​ a​ home,​ in​ this case) .​
The videos are viewed and the​ teams vote on​ the​ team that did the​ best .​
Bonus points are given for the​ team that creates their own stunts.
Bachelorette party games are not only designed to​ bring fun to​ the​ party,​ but sometimes to​ help people get to​ know one another .​
This might be a​ good opportunity for the​ bride's best friend to​ get to​ know the​ sister of​ the​ groom,​ or​ for the​ bride to​ get close to​ the​ groom's cousin or​ niece .​
So an​ icebreaker game isn't a​ bad idea .​
This isn't perhaps the​ most intellectual of​ an​ icebreaker game,​ but it​ will likely break the​ ice early in​ the​ evening before you head out to​ other events .​
Play a​ game called I​ never.. .​
and see who takes the​ most drinks .​
So the​ first woman says,​ I​ never.. .​
and completes the​ sentence .​
The women who have done the​ thing the​ first woman says she's never done take a​ drink .​
Then the​ next woman claims to​ have never done something .​
Some suggestions for this game are: I​ never .. .​
*Lied about my age
*Lied about my weight
*Got a​ speeding ticket
*Ran naked through my house

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