Nextstudents Graduate Plus Student Loans Help Students Attain An Even Higher Education

Nextstudents Graduate Plus Student Loans Help Students Attain An Even
Higher Education

NextStudent’s Graduate Plus Student Loans Help Students Attain an​ Even Higher Education
NextStudent’s Graduate Plus Student Loans Help Students Attain an​ Even Higher Education
For college students who desire to​ attend graduate school but do not think it​ is​ in​ their financial reach,​ there is​ an​ alternative .​
Students can easily actualize their goals through a​ program that features the​ benefits of​ a​ parent student loan but funding that is​ distributed directly to​ the​ student,​ according to​ NextStudent,​ the​ Phoenix-based premier education funding company.
NextStudent’s Federal Graduate PLUS Student Loans ( are convenient and manageable and start with rates as​ low as​ 8.5 percent .​
In addition,​ the​ program also offers additional incentives such as​ aggressive rebates.
Graduate Plus Loans Cover the​ Cost
Student borrowers looking to​ attend graduate school will find that the​ Graduate Plus Loan could be available regardless of​ a​ borrower’s credit score .​
With a​ host of​ graduate school expenses,​ students can rely on​ the​ Graduate PLUS Loan entirely to​ cover the​ costs of​ tuition,​ books and even computers.
Graduate school easily can be justified when the​ cost is​ accompanied by numerous benefits and incentives,​ according to​ NextStudent.
NextStudent’s Built-In Incentives
Among the​ incentives of​ the​ Graduate Plus Loan ( through NextStudent is​ a​ 3 percent cash rebate at​ repayment,​ which can be applied toward a​ student borrower’s education .​
When borrowers sign up for Auto-Debit and make the​ first on-time monthly payment,​ NextStudent pays a​ 3 percent cash rebate of​ the​ loan amount.
A cash rebate equal to​ 5 percent of​ a​ borrower’s outstanding principal balance is​ available after the​ borrower completes the​ first 48 consecutive on-time monthly payments if​ they participate in​ the​ Auto-Debit program.
Another of​ NextStudent’s Graduate Plus Loan incentives is​ a​ .25 percent interest rate reduction when borrowers repay their loans automatically through the​ Auto-Debit program.
Graduate Plus Loan Benefits
NextStudent also offers a​ host of​ benefits to​ their Graduate Plus Loan program,​ including:
• Generous Borrowing Limits: Students can borrow up to​ the​ entire cost of​ education (less any federal aid),​ including books,​ supplies,​ and even a​ computer!
• Simple Application Process with E-Signature: Borrowers who apply online can qualify within minutes .​
In addition,​ NextStudent offers a​ second look for borrowers who receive an​ initial denial due to​ unresolved credit issues .​
• NextStudent has a​ PLUS Credit Resolution Team that has an​ 87 percent success rate at​ resolving credit issues for borrowers,​ resulting in​ funded PLUS loans .​
• Flexibility: Graduate PLUS Loans offer various repayment options including
deferred repayment while students are enrolled in​ school at​ least half-time .​
In addition,​ the​ loans are eligible for consolidation .​
Also,​ there never are prepayment
penalties .​
Students who are uncertain about attending graduate school because of​ the​ involved costs now can get that higher degree .​
Through NextStudent’s Graduate Plus Loan,​ graduate school is​ more affordable and within reason and reach.
NextStudent believes that getting an​ education is​ the​ best investment you​ can make,​ and it​ is​ dedicated to​ helping you​ pursue your education dreams by making college funding as​ easy as​ possible .​
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