Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Leptoprin

Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Leptoprin

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - Leptoprin
The bottom line with natural remedies for losing weight is​ that if​ you stop taking them,​ the​ weight comes back .​
You have not learned anything about how to​ properly lose weight and maintain your loss .​
You have tricked your body into perhaps losing some fat and likely some water - but have not addressed the​ underlying causes as​ to​ why you may be overweight in​ the​ first place .​
If there actually were a​ diet pill that worked for the​ long term you can bet major drug companies would be selling them .​
They aren't!
Leptoprin (Anorex) has Calcium Phosphate,​ Commiphora mukul extract,​ Garcinia cambogia (HCA 125mg),​ L-Tyrosine,​ Acetylsalicyclic acid - 162.5mg,​ Dipotassium phosphate,​ Sodium phosphate,​ Disodium phosphate,​ Phosphatidyl choline,​ Scutellaria (root),​ Bupleurum (root),​ Epimedium (herb) .​
You might be asking,​ as​ you should,​ why a​ diet product would have aspirin in​ it​ (something people on​ Coumadin dare not take).
Leptoprin is​ something called a​ Stack .​
the​ ECA (ephedra,​ caffeine and aspirin) stack is​ supposedly a​ thermogenic product - meaning it​ supposedly melts your fat away by boosting your metabolism .​
And while it​ may boost your metabolism,​ it​ is​ more than likely to​ give you a​ bad case of​ the​ jitters with two stimulants tag teamed together .​
It's like taking speed,​ as​ there is​ only a​ minimal difference between methamphetamine and ephedrine/ephedra.
The side effects for a​ product like this are many - irregular or​ accelerated heart beat,​ insomnia,​ elevated blood pressure,​ seizures etc .​
And yet these products are labeled all natural .​
This is​ misleading as​ people then think they are also harmless .​
Again,​ as​ with any natural remedies,​ read the​ labels,​ search for the​ names of​ the​ list ingredients on​ the​ Internet,​ check for drug interactions,​ talk to​ your Doctor and/or your Pharmacist .​
If you're considering taking something like this,​ it​ is​ better to​ be well informed,​ and have your Doctor know what you are doing .​
In the​ long run,​ you would best be served by a​ visit to​ your local Weight Watchers group and find out how they can help you with a​ truly natural weight loss program .​

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