Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Dexatrim

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - Dexatrim
Many will remember the​ almost famous Dexatrim weight loss capsules .​
They've been around in​ so many different formulations it​ is​ almost difficult to​ keep up with them .​
They've so far been through three reincarnations,​ none of​ which seems to​ be all that effective in​ terms of​ being able to​ lose weight .​
Formulation number one contained phenylpropanolamine and was banned in​ 2001 because of​ its links to​ strokes .​
Formulation number two came out awhile later,​ and its main ingredient was ephedra also recalled in​ 2002 because it​ was cited as​ causing strokes,​ heart attacks and death .​
the​ manufactruing company is​ now on​ incarnation number three and the​ main ingredient this time is​ Bitter Orange Peel extract .​
- now known as​ the​ other Ephedra of​ the​ weight loss industry .​
The Bitter Orange is​ combined with a​ few other proprietary ingredients - which usually means they've just selected other herbals to​ combine and boost the​ main ingredient - such as​ Yohimbe Bark (side effects like bitter orange,​ high blood pressure,​ palpitations,​ headache),​ Siberian Ginseng (safe),​ Licorice root (high doses cause high blood pressure),​ and so on​ .​
If you have been counting,​ there are at​ least three ingredients in​ this that can cause high blood pressure .​
Can you imagine the​ effect it​ may possibly have on​ you?
Various formulations of​ Dexatrim have various ingredients in​ each,​ all of​ which would need to​ be checked and cross referenced .​
For instance,​ in​ one of​ their blends,​ the​ main ingredient is​ green tea extract - the​ only herbal ingredient that has been shown to​ suppress appetite without side effects .​
But you certainly do not need to​ be buying a​ formulation with green tea extract and several other dubious weight loss products when you can buy a​ whole box of​ tea bags for about three dollars .​
Even though the​ company that makes Dexatrim (Chettem) has reinvented its weight loss products three times,​ it​ still isn't something that is​ considered to​ be safe or​ effective for long term weight loss results .​
the​ only long term effective weight loss program is​ eating less and exercising more .​

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