Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Chitosan

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight Chitosan
This natural remedy for losing weight has a​ fascinating history and a​ ton of​ really useful things it​ is​ used for,​ not the​ least of​ which is​ supposedly being at​ fat attractant. One thing to​ note if​ you are considering trying this natural remedy for weight loss if​ you have shellfish allergies do not take this product.
Chitosan is​ made from something called chitin a​ starch found in​ shrimp,​ crab and other shellfish skeletons. Its most common uses are
As a​ plant growth enhancer,​ and defender against fungal infections.
As a​ filtration component in​ water processing engineering that binds sediment and removes it. it​ also removes phosphorus,​ heavy minerals,​ and oils from water.
As a​ clarifying agent for wine,​ mead and beer that removes yeast cells,​ fruit particles etc
As a​ blood clotter,​ used in​ bandages. Hypoallergenic with natural antibacterial properties.
But,​ what about weight loss? Where does Chitosan fit into losing weight. Heres where the​ fat attractent theory comes into play. Its frequently sold in​ health food stores and billed as​ a​ substance that attracts fat from the​ digestive system and expels it​ from the​ body. This in​ theory means a​ dieter could lose weight without eating less. Unfortunately,​ it​ appears to​ be just that,​ a​ theory. Research has shown unmodified Chitosan would possibly remove about 30 calories a​ day from a​ persons diet. Modified,​ this product boasts claims mostly unsubstantiated of​ absorbing from three to​ six times its weight in​ fat and oil.
Evidently initial trials with the​ product to​ test its effectiveness as​ a​ weight loss remedy were conducted on​ animals,​ not humans. So most of​ the​ speculation about what this product can or​ can not do is​ moot and just that,​ speculation. it​ seems most weight loss professionals agree that Chitosan doesnt do the​ job when it​ comes to​ weight loss. and what recent trials there have been only show no more weight loss than a​ person who took placebo sugar pills.
Chitosan KITEosan. This dietary supplement is​ made from chitin,​ a​ starch found in​ the​ skeleton of​ shrimp,​ crab,​ and other shellfish. Chitosan cannot be digested; therefore it​ passes through your intestinal tract unabsorbed without adding any calories. the​ chemical nature of​ Chitosan makes it​ bind with fatty foods,​ removing some of​ the​ fat from your body as​ it​ passes through rather than allowing it​ to​ be absorbed. Several studies,​ however,​ found no more weight loss from Chitosan than from a​ placebo sugar pill.

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