Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Ephedra

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - Ephedra
Most natural remedies,​ or​ over-the-counter (OTC) herbal medicines for weight loss have appetite suppressants in​ them .​
That only makes sense,​ as​ you want to​ stop eating as​ much .​
the​ appetite killers trick your body into thinking it's not really hungry .​
Short-term use isn't bad .​
Long-term use can lead to​ serious problems .​
Despite taking any of​ these natural remedies for losing weight,​ you still need to​ make major changes in​ your diet and exercise program.
One of​ the​ more commonly used OTC natural weight loss remedies is​ Ephedra,​ aka Ma-Huang harvested from the​ Ephedra sinica plant .​
Interestingly enough,​ this plant has been used in​ traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,​000 years for asthma,​ hay fever and the​ common cold .​
Native Americans and Mormon pioneers drank Mormon Tea,​ brewed from Ephedra .​
In 2004,​ it​ was banned after it​ came under fire for dangerous side effects and was cited as​ the​ culprit in​ several deaths .​
As of​ February 2007,​ the​ sale of​ dietary supplements containing ephedra is​ illegal in​ the​ USA .​
If you think this would work for you in​ your weight loss program,​ then the​ best thing to​ do is​ talk to​ your Doctor .​
It's better to​ be fully informed than to​ get a​ nasty surprise .​
Ma Huang or​ Ephedra has been commonly found in​ herbal dietary supplements for years .​
It also happens to​ be used in​ the​ manufacture of​ methamphetamine (speed) .​
Its greatest claim to​ fame was that it​ suppressed the​ appetite so you would not eat as​ much - which would mean you'd lose weight,​ but it​ has not been clinically proven to​ be effective in​ weight loss .​
Which is​ also interesting,​ because Ephedra is​ a​ stimulant and thermogenic .​
The brain is​ stimulated,​ heart rate increased,​ blood pressure increased and bronchial tubes expand .​
The thermogenic properties cause an​ increase in​ metabolism,​ which will usually start to​ burn off body fat .​
While this all sounds good,​ the​ down side to​ this natural remedy for losing weight is​ that it​ could literally kill you .​
Either because of​ the​ side effects,​ or​ because of​ a​ drug interaction with something else you may be taking .​
Seriously consider if​ this is​ really something you want to​ try .​

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