Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Guarana

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - Guarana
Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is​ another herbal promoted as​ a​ natural remedy for losing weight and is​ made from the​ seeds of​ a​ plant native to​ Brazil .​
The seed of​ the​ Guaraná is​ a​ central nervous system stimulant with thermogenic and diuretic properties.
Basically what is​ in​ guarana is​ caffeine - up to​ two to​ three times the​ amount of​ caffeine that coffee has .​
Guarana is​ the​ richest-known source of​ caffeine .​
You can find guarana as​ a​ major ingredient in​ energy drinks,​ which don't state there is​ caffeine in​ the​ drink,​ but rather say it​ provides an​ energy boost .​
Rather an​ understatement,​ as​ it's more like a​ major buzz .​
Coffee contains 100 mg of​ caffeine,​ Coke or​ Pepsi 36 mg,​ and Energy Drinks any where from 169 to​ 259 mg .​
That's a​ rush.
Guarana falls into a​ category of​ weight loss supplements called thermogenesis right along with ephedra,​ caffeine and salicin .​
Basically it​ boosts your metabolic rate,​ causing your body to​ burn calories faster plus curb the​ appetite .​
Body fat that isn't burned is​ stored on​ your hips,​ thighs,​ stomach,​ etc .​
If you are going to​ go for this kind of​ product in​ your weight loss journey,​ you will need to​ find one strong enough to​ curb your appetite,​ that zips up the​ metabolism to​ burn more calories,​ create heat to​ burn more fat,​ and doesn't give unwanted side effects such as: jitteriness,​ nervousness,​ or​ heart palpitations .​
Taking a​ higher dose doesn't mean you lose weight faster .​
Instead,​ you just have more side effects .​
With thermogenesis based products drink more water (due to​ the​ heat factor),​ do not skip meals (low blood sugar),​ and do not take late at​ night (it will keep up awake) What you also need to​ remember with products that stimulate is​ stimulants burn calories,​ but increases heart rate and blood pressure .​
Caffeine suppresses the​ appetite,​ but gives you the​ jitters,​ mood swings and tension.
What to​ choose? You will face some hard choices when it​ comes to​ deciding what might be the​ right natural remedy for losing weight for you .​
Guarana (or caffeine) may suppress appetite to​ a​ certain extent at​ high levels .​
On its own it's not a​ very effective supplement to​ create thermogenesis .​
Combine it​ with Ma Huang (Ephedra),​ and it​ appears the​ caffeine extends the​ appetite suppressing action of​ Ephedra and increases caloric expenditure .​
But you might not want to​ be combining two powerful stimulants together .​
And you most definitely do not want to​ be taking this if​ you are on​ blood thinner medications like Coumadin.

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