Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Dandelion

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - Dandelion
The lowly Dandelion,​ the​ usual grass destroying culprit in​ our yards that gets cut on​ a​ regular basis with the​ lawnmower,​ is​ known by a​ variety of​ names such as​ lion's tooth,​ fairy clock,​ priest's crown,​ swine's snout,​ blowball,​ milk gowan,​ and wild endive .​

In addition to​ medicinal uses,​ dandelion can be used as​ a​ food and beverage .​
Leaves can be used raw in​ salads and sandwiches,​ or​ for tea .​
Roots can make a​ coffee substitute and the​ flowers can be used for wine and schnapps.
In Europe,​ the​ dandelion was used to​ treat fevers,​ boils,​ diarrhea,​ fluid retention,​ heartburn,​ and various skin problems .​
The Chinese used dandelion to​ treat breast cancer,​ inflammation,​ lack of​ milk flow,​ liver diseases,​ and digestive problems .​
As far as​ weight loss is​ concerned,​ the​ dandelion is​ considered to​ be a​ natural diuretic .​
It may produce significant weight loss by decreasing body water .​
However,​ it​ can cause allergic reactions and heartburn.
Weight control is​ definitely an​ obsession worldwide .​
In the​ US alone,​ two-thirds of​ the​ adult population is​ overweight and one third is​ classified as​ obese .​
It is​ any wonder that the​ natural herbal weight loss industry now offers more than 50 supplements and 125 proprietary products for weight loss .​
the​ question is​ have they been thoroughly tested to​ see if​ they live up to​ their claims .​
Dandelion has been around for a​ long time,​ and thus has a​ history to​ support its claims .​
Those who support the​ use of​ dandelion in​ weight loss claim it​ may flush out the​ kidneys,​ boost metabolism,​ and cut your craving for sweets .​
How? Eating the​ leaves raw in​ a​ salad,​ or​ making tea and drinking it​ three times a​ day .​
These may trim pounds in​ short order thanks to​ the​ diuretic effect,​ but continued use can cause dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities .​
You need to​ read all you can about any weight loss products before you try them .​
For safe weight loss,​ your best bet would be to​ use the​ tried and true methods of​ changing your eating habits and exercising more .​

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