Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Garcinia

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - Garcinia (Hydroxycitric acid - HCA)
Garcinia Cambogia hails from India and Southeast Asia and is​ a​ pumpkin shaped fruit with a​ chemical structure similar to​ citric acid .​
Also called Malabar Tamarind,​ you will find this as​ a​ condiment in​ curry dishes.
HCA apparently does reduce appetites and promotes weight loss in​ animals,​ as​ proven by several studies .​
However,​ when humans were studied,​ it​ was found HCA did not burn excess calories .​
In fact,​ it​ was labeled as​ no better than a​ sugar pill .​
Many claims on​ diet and weight loss remedy packages insist there are no side effects for HCA .​
No one seems to​ be sure whether there is​ or​ isn't which doesn't bode well for HCA as​ a​ natural remedy for losing weight .​

Bottom line? It's really unclear whether or​ not HCA offers weight loss benefits or​ not .​
the​ best that can be said about it​ is​ that it​ likely won't hurt you,​ although no real studies have been done addressing whether or​ not it's safe to​ take long term,​ or​ take at​ all .​
One double blind study found of​ 60 overweight people who used 440 mg of​ HCA 3 times a​ day showed weight loss .​
Yet another study (also double blind) of​ 135 overweight individuals who got either 500 mg of​ HCA or​ a​ placebo 3 times a​ day bombed out - showed no effects re: weight loss .​
the​ best available data today shows this product is​ not effective for weight loss .​

You will definitely have to​ think long and hard about this particular product,​ even if​ you choose to​ use it​ in​ combination with another weight loss remedy .​
If you are gong to​ be spending money to​ buy products with dubious track records,​ then you are likely getting what you paid for .​
Try and thoroughly research HCA or​ any other natural remedy for losing weight to​ find out the​ pros and the​ cons before you take a​ leap of​ faith into something that might not work.

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