Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Citricoma

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight Citricoma
Losing weight is​ and can be a​ real struggle. and it​ seems it​ is​ usually women who are the​ ones trying to​ accomplish that. in​ a​ recent survery at​ least one sixth of​ the​ women were trying to​ lose weight. Thats interesingn as​ almost 37 per cent of​ men are overweight to​ obese compared to​ 24 per cent of​ women.
Imagine the​ numbers of​ people trying to​ lose weight or​ at​ least trying to​ get down to​ a​ healthy weight from what they currently are at. This might be difficult for those trying to​ shed pounds,​ but it​ certainly isnt all that bad for the​ diet industry which has literally quadrupled since 1988.
Diet books still are still on​ book bestseller lists. Tabloids trumpet 10 Day Wonder Diets,​ and sales sky rocket as​ millions search for new ways to​ beat the​ bulge. Whats new in​ the​ weight loss world?
A brand new kid on​ the​ block patent pending in​ fact,​ Citricoma comes from the​ maker of​ Cortislim. Apparently Citricoma is​ a​ new patentpending blend of​ Citrus PMF polymethoxylated flavones and Eurycoma longifolia,​ for the​ healthy weight loss/management market.
Reading the​ theory behind this new product would lead one to​ believe they may have a​ good idea. the​ question will be if​ it​ is​ as​ effective as​ they indicate it​ may be.
Citrus peel extract includes Polymethoxylated Flavones PMFs,​ particularly tangeretin,​ sinensetin,​ and nobilitin,​ which maintain cholesterol level and promote cardiovascular health. These super flavonoids have 3fold potency in​ reducing cholesterol levels as​ compared to​ other citrus flavonoids. Citrus flavonoids reduce liver and adipose tissue,​ promoting healthy blood sugar control and weight loss.
Eurycoma Eurycoma Longifolia,​ aka Tongkat ali and Malaysian ginseng is​ known to​ increase energy levels among other things. it​ is​ used to​ help maintain normal low cortisol and normal high testosterone levels during the​ stress of​ weight loss. Effective doses of​ Eurycoma help stop the​ yoyo diet effect when a​ dieters initial weight loss of​ a​ few pounds sends the​ body into a​ catabolic state,​ leading to​ binge eating and fat storage. Inhibiting or​ reducing the​ cortisol spike associated with weight loss can make it​ easier for a​ person to​ control their appetite. Controlling the​ cortisol and testosterone levels helps prevent the​ body from increasing fat storage and increases a​ persons baseline energy.
It seems the​ jury is​ still out on​ this new product,​ but research results should soon be coming back from various groups who have tried this new product.

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