Natural Remedies For Losing Weight Yerba Mate

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) belongs to​ the​ holly family and is​ prepared by steeping dry leaves and twigs in​ hot water (the infusion is​ called Mate) .​
Only slightly less potent than coffee,​ it​ appears to​ be easier on​ the​ stomach .​
Yerba Mate has a​ strong vegetal,​ herbal,​ and grassy flavour much like some varieties of​ green tea .​
Over the​ past few years,​ extracts of​ Yerba Mate have shown up in​ natural remedies for losing weight .​
Why? Because it​ contains over 250 natural compounds such as​ caffeine,​ theophylline and theobromine .​
These compounds stimulate the​ central nervous system,​ and are diuretics,​ causing the​ body to​ shed water .​
Caffeine,​ theophylline and theobromine suppress appetite,​ and boost metabolism .​
the​ question is​ if​ Yerba Mate contains these ingredients and they are then combined with other variations of​ stimulants,​ diuretics,​ fat burners and goodness knows what else,​ what kind of​ side effects are potentially lurking in​ the​ wings?
Yerba Mate proponents insist this is​ one of​ those wonder herbals that can actually achieve your weight loss and leaner physique goals without having to​ do too much about exercise or​ changing how you eat .​
They say Yerba mate suppresses appetite,​ increases caloric burn rate,​ and increases urination,​ thereby reducing overall body water weight .​
Note they say overall body WATER weight .​
While losing water does mean you weigh less,​ it​ doesn't address the​ primary problem of​ over eating,​ not eating properly and not exercising .​
At best,​ it​ would seem this product may be more of​ a​ quick fix than a​ real weight loss product.
Always check with a​ doctor about your weight loss goals and how you are going to​ achieve them .​
If you plan on​ using an​ herbal product like this,​ then make sure your Doctor knows what other medications you are taking in​ addition .​
It is​ better to​ be safe,​ and to​ do your homework,​ rather than just plunge into something you aren't really sure about .​

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