Natural Remedies For Losing Weight St Johns Wort

Natural Remedies for Losing Weight - St .​
John's Wort
While there are definitely any number of​ natural remedies for losing weight on​ the​ market,​ the​ question really becomes how effective are they and how safe are they .​
the​ answers to​ both of​ those questions would need to​ be researched carefully before you made any decisions .​
One thing to​ also remember,​ if​ you happen to​ be morbidly obese,​ many of​ these natural remedies for losing weight are likely not for you .​
As with any weight loss venture,​ you need to​ make sure you talk to​ your Doctor before you start any program .​

One rather controversial herbal product that has a​ history of​ actually being used as​ an​ anti-depressant,​ seems to​ also be another contender in​ the​ weight loss arena .​
St .​
John's Wort,​ also called Hypericum,​ Klamath Weed,​ or​ Goat Weed,​ has been used for centuries to​ treat nerve pain,​ mental disorders,​ malaria,​ insect bites,​ wounds and burns .​
Amazingly,​ there are over 370 species of​ the​ genus Hypericum worldwide .​
It was also used by Native American as​ an​ anti-inflammatory,​ antiseptic and astringent.
In the​ twentieth century St .​
John's Wort (named for its traditional flowering and harvesting on​ St .​
John's day,​ June 24th) has more commonly been used to​ treat depression,​ anxiety,​ and/or sleep disorders .​
the​ part of​ the​ plant used to​ make preparations is​ the​ top of​ the​ little yellow flower and is​ usually used to​ makes teas and tablets.
How does St John's Wort help you lose weight? That's the​ funny part - it​ does and it​ doesn't .​
It seems the​ herbal remedy itself does not help you lose weight .​
However,​ how it​ makes you feel by improving how you feel about yourself,​ does cause you to​ lose weight .​
Being in​ a​ better frame of​ mind may cause people to​ eat less .​
Bottom line is​ any change in​ your eating habits after taking St .​
John's Wort will have more to​ do with any psychological improvements and not the​ herbal remedy.
Here's the​ most interesting thing though,​ there are natural remedies for losing weight on​ the​ market that feature St .​
John's Wort as​ the​ main active ingredient .​
the​ way it's presented implies St .​
John's Wort is​ the​ key proponent to​ your anticipated weight loss .​
It isn't,​ and this is​ a​ misrepresentation .​
So once again,​ do your research before you start taking any natural remedies for losing weight .​
Also,​ pay attention to​ any side-effects that may result from the​ herbal remedy you are considering .​

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