Nanotechnology Offers Insulating Benefits

A growing number of​ homeowners are tackling the big problems of​ energy efficiency and​ mold resistance by thinking small.

Nanotechnology-the manipulation​ of​ matter at​ the molecular level at​ the scale of​ a​ nanometer, or​ a​ billionth of​ a​ meter in​ size-has recently come into play in​ the insulation​ arena. a​ material called Hydro-NM-Oxide has been shown to​ be highly effective at​ insulating against all three types of​ thermal transfer: solid conductivity, gaseous conductivity and​ radiative (infrared) transmission.

According to​ the Center for​ Integrated Nanotechnologies, Hydro-NM-Oxide has nearly twice the R-Value-meaning twice the insulating quality-of​ polyurethane foam. and​ it's been incorporated into a​ new line of​ coatings for​ the home.

Nansulate® HomeProtect Interior is​ a​ paintable, mold-resis-tant coating that can be applied to​ interior walls, ceilings, attics and​ floorboards to​ give added insulation​ benefits, and​ protects against mold without the use of​ potentially harmful anti-fungal agents. Nansulate HomeProtect ClearCoat can be applied to​ exterior and​ interior surfaces. Suggested home applications include:

• Attics. Increase your​ home's energy efficiency (and​ save money) by insulating one of​ the places that heat transfer is​ prevalent.

• Ceilings and​ walls. Decrease the amount of​ heat transfer through your​ walls and​ ceilings. Nansulate is​ especially useful in​ older homes where there is​ no room for​ traditional insulation​ to​ be applied without knocking down walls and​ losing valuable space.

• Ducts. Prevent condensation​ and​ rust while eliminating mold and​ moisture to​ create a​ more comfortable indoor environment, reduce the chance of​ air pollutants, save energy and​ lower fuel bills.

• Basement pipes. Avoid unnecessary heat loss during winter and​ minimize water damage from cold pipes "sweating" in​ warmer months.

• Hot-water heaters. Hot- water heaters can use about 20 percent of​ the energy consumed by an​ average household. Insulating your​ hot-water heater can have positive effects on​ your​ total cost of​ energy each month.

• Mold resistance. Protect your​ home and​ property and​ create a​ healthier environment for​ your​ family. Mold can grow in​ a​ variety of​ areas in​ the interior and​ exterior of​ your​ home, creating health risks and​ devaluing your​ property. Nansulate has proven resistant to​ both existing mold growth and​ new mold growth.

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