My Wifes First And Hopefully Last Computer Virus

My Wife’s First (And Hopefully Last) Computer Virus
My wife came home from work the​ other day very upset .​
She works for a​ bank in​ the​ mortgage Department and they had given her a​ laptop for her use at​ work .​
Someone had sent her an​ e-mail that had an​ interesting sounding attachment,​ so she opened it .​
It wasn't long before things started to​ go wrong with her computer .​
Not only were there multiple pop-ups that were taking place all of​ the​ time but her computer had slowed to​ a​ crawl .​
It seems that there were so many viruses and spyware programs running on​ her computer that it​ simply could not keep up with the​ load .​
All of​ this happened because of​ one Trojan horse virus that was opened on​ her computer that allowed all of​ these other things to​ happen.
If it​ wasn't bad enough that she had the​ pop ups,​ they soon begin to​ become embarrassing .​
Not only were they trying to​ sell her things,​ but many of​ the​ pop-ups were simply obscene material and pоrnographic advertisements .​
This certainly did not look good coming across on​ her computer all of​ the​ time,​ especially when she was dealing with mortgage clients .​
She was practically in​ tears by the​ time she had come home to​ ask me if​ there was anything that I​ could do.
The first thing that I​ did was to​ try to​ identify what they pop-up windows were and where they were originating from .​
It turns out that the​ particular spyware program on​ her computer was of​ the​ Trojan Horse variety,​ and was actually one of​ the​ more difficult ones to​ remove .​
Not only that,​ but the​ virus had really taken over a​ lot of​ her computer .​
We both feared that there was some keystroke logging going on​ in​ the​ background .​
I​ needed to​ get this computer clean from the​ Trojan horse virus and get it​ cleaned quickly.
Because it​ was a​ computer that was associated with a​ bank I​ needed to​ get permission from their network guy to​ be able to​ log on​ to​ the​ internet from home .​
It turns out that most of​ the​ critical programs were actually run from a​ central server so there was not a​ problem with my doing that .​
I​ ran a​ free program called Hijack This and posted the​ results to​ one of​ the​ many technical forums on​ the​ internet .​
(I trusted this particular forum,​ so I​ did not have any real concerns about privacy.)
The technical forum gave me step-by-step instructions on​ how to​ clean the​ system from the​ Trojan horse virus and all of​ the​ spyware that it​ allowed to​ enter onto her computer .​
It took me several hours and I​ needed to​ go in​ and edit system files and the​ registry but I​ was finally able to​ win out over the​ virus and her computer was now clean.
It doesn't matter where an​ e-mail is​ coming from .​
It could come from your mother or​ someone else that you know and trust very much .​
If a​ Trojan horse virus is​ propagating on​ their system and sending itself out to​ others you will likely be a​ target of​ this virus as​ well .​
Never open anything that you are unsure of,​ and even if​ you are sure,​ run a​ virus scan on​ it​ first.

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