My Benefits Of Working From Home

My Benefits Of Working From Home

I find there are many benefits and​ advantages of​ me working from home. Here are just a​ few.

The greatest advantage I find is​ that of​ flexibility. I am able to​ work whatever hours suit me, and​ whenever they suit. Whilst I still put in​ many hours throughout the week, probably more than a​ standard working week, I can work these hours when I please.

I often find that the very early hours of​ the morning, before sunrise, when everywhere is​ quiet is​ my most productive time and​ yet other days, my creative juices are flowing in​ the very late hours at​ night. Either way, I can choose when to​ work, as​ it​ best suits me.

Working from home allows me to​ become involved in​ activities and​ events that traditionally I would not usually be able to. for​ example, I have taken a​ position​ on​ the College Board at​ the College where my children attend. Whilst meetings are in​ the evenings, I avail myself for​ any duties during the day time and​ have been called upon​ several times for​ various meetings.

The flexibility of​ working from home also allows me to​ pursue social and​ leisure activities often at​ a​ more suitable time than I otherwise could. as​ a​ ‘boatie’ I enjoy taking out my runabout boat across to​ the local islands near where I live. if​ the weather if​ fine, the seas glassy and​ the sun shining, I can be in​ the waters in​ 15 minutes. I can simply shut down the computer, hook up the boat and​ we’re gone. I know I can do my work at​ a​ later time.

Another great advantage of​ working from home is​ the time saved commuting. in​ fact there is​ the time savings as​ well as​ the financial savings. No fuel costs, no parking costs, no contribution​ to​ greenhouse gases via my exhaust fumes, in​ fact it​ is​ a​ win-win​ situation​ all around. No more eating lunch in​ some small lunch room, I can have morning tea and​ lunch at​ home, and​ with my family.

Security of​ my home is​ a​ huge benefit I have working from home. My office window overlooks the front of​ our home and​ I can see all activities. Whilst other neighborhood home (albeit very seldom) have been broken into, my home is​ very secure and​ unlikely to​ be broken into whilst I am home every day. I find also that I can mix up my business work with chores around the house. I can have a​ break from the computer and​ do a​ little gardening, any small repair or​ maintenance jobs and​ return to​ the computer later.

Having elderly parents, I am available to​ assist them whatever their needs. I can take them to​ medical appointments and​ help where they need it​ and​ when they need it.

Finally, a​ great benefit of​ working from home is​ the cost savings. I don’t need to​ rent office space elsewhere, I don’t need to​ pay for​ travel and​ parking and​ one of​ the greatest factors for​ me – I can wear what I want, when I want. No one cares or​ knows that I can sit in​ my bathers and​ write this​ article.

My Benefits Of Working From Home

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