Motivation To Lose Weight

Motivation to​ Lose Weight
When you are diabetic you have probably read in​ many places and have heard from your
doctor how beneficial it​ is​ for you to​ lose weight. But that doesn’t make it​ any easier to​
do. it​ is​ difficult to​ do,​ but everyone is​ right; you will reap many benefits from losing
weight including managing your diabetes and blood glucose levels.
If you are already motivated to​ lose weight and just don’t know where to​ begin,​ make an
appointment with your doctor or​ diabetes educator. They can provide you with
information on​ a​ healthy eating plan and approve the​ type of​ exercises you should begin
with. Getting the​ okay from your doctor before starting any physical routine is​ a​ good
idea so you do not overdo it​ at​ the​ beginning creating more harm than good.
If you have tried to​ lose weight before and know that it​ is​ a​ hard road,​ you may find the​
motivation you need through a​ support group. Having a​ network to​ back you up when
you are having a​ hard day or​ the​ commitment of​ meeting someone at​ the​ gym can get you
through the​ rough patches ahead.
As you reach certain milestones in​ your weight loss journey set reward points for yourself
as motivation. You may decide to​ reward yourself when you lose 10 pounds or​ it​ might
be going for a​ walk 5 times in​ one week whatever you need help with. Your reward
can be anything that will make you work harder renting a​ movie,​ a​ new pair of​ shoes
make it​ special.
As you continue to​ lose weight and become more active keep a​ careful eye on​ your blood
sugars and insulin requirements. You may find that you are requiring less insulin as​ you
drop the​ pounds. Keep in​ contact with your doctor and update him on​ your progress.

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