More Evidence That Tea Helps With Weight Loss

More Evidence That Tea Helps With Weight Loss
Every little bit of​ help is​ useful when you’re trying to​ lose weight or​ keep your weight stable as​ you get older. Diet and exercise are still the​ most important components of​ weight loss and maintenance,​ but studies are showing that tea,​ particularly green tea,​ may be able to​ provide some assistance in​ losing weight and keeping it​ off.
For centuries,​ Asians have used green tea for health. in​ addition to​ Asian cultures having a​ much lower incidence of​ serious diseases such as​ cancer and heart disease,​ they also are far less likely to​ be overweight.
Tea comes from the​ Camellia sinensis plant. While there are several different types of​ tea,​ all true tea comes from this plant. the​ differences occur from how the​ tea is​ processed. Green tea is​ not fermented during processing,​ but black tea,​ which is​ the​ most common outside Asia does go through a​ fermentation process.
Tea leaves naturally contain catechins,​ which belong to​ the​ flavan3ol class of​ flavonoids,​ which are antioxidants. EGCG is​ one of​ the​ catechins contained in​ tea,​ and is​ one of​ the​ most powerful antioxidants around.
Each day,​ as​ we​ convert food to​ energy,​ we​ create free radicals in​ our body. These free radicals can damage our cells and our DNA if​ we​ don’t combat them. it​ is​ believed that unchecked free radicals contribute to​ the​ development of​ many diseases,​ including cancer. in​ addition,​ they speed up the​ aging process and contribute to​ clogged arteries and other health problems.
Antioxidants are powerful at​ combating free radicals and are linked with preventing cancer,​ as​ well as​ with decreasing your risk of​ stroke and heart disease. and with lowering your cholesterol.
For this reason,​ drinking green tea is​ a​ simple and effective way to​ slow down the​ aging process and prevent disease. But,​ in​ addition to​ being a​ way to​ protect your health,​ drinking tea seems to​ also be a​ way to​ help keep you slim.
There has been a​ fairly significant amount of​ research on​ tea and its ability to​ help control your waistline. Tea seems to​ work on​ two levels. the​ first is​ that it​ appears to​ speed up the​ metabolism,​ so you use more calories each day. However,​ it​ also seems to​ inhibit fat absorption,​ so that less of​ the​ fat in​ your diet becomes fat on​ your body.
Tea has two ingredients that seem to​ help it​ work its magic. the​ first is​ caffeine,​ which is​ known to​ help speed up the​ metabolism. However,​ tea seems to​ work better than other caffeinated beverages because of​ those powerful antioxidants we​ were talking about earlier.
The antioxidants,​ also known as​ catechins,​ are the​ key to​ helping inhibit the​ absorption of​ fat and keep the​ metabolism moving for hours.
One research study that evaluated the​ benefits of​ tea on​ weight loss was conducted by the​ Osaka University of​ Foreign Studies. This study was conducted on​ just under 200 healthy men and women between the​ ages of​ 20 and 65. the​ subjects were divided into three groups; the​ control group,​ low dose group and high dose group.
The study lasted for 12 weeks. During the​ study period,​ the​ control group was fed 3 bottles of​ placebo drink. the​ low dose group consumed 2 bottles of​ a​ drink containing tea catechins and one bottle of​ placebo drink and the​ high dose group consumed 3 bottles of​ the​ tea catechin drink.
At the​ end of​ the​ twelve week study,​ those subjects in​ the​ low dose and high dose group showed a​ significant decrease in​ body fat compared with the​ control group. Both body weight and BMI were reduced in​ these two groups. in​ addition,​ abdominal fat was significantly reduced.
This reduction in​ body fat around the​ abdominal area is​ significant. Fat around the​ midsection is​ the​ fat that is​ most dangerous to​ our health. Abdominal fat is​ the​ type that is​ most likely to​ be an indicator of​ heart disease. Reducing your waist size,​ and the​ fat around your midsection is​ the​ most important weight to​ lose in​ order to​ protect your health.
Another interesting result of​ this study was that the​ subjects who had slightly elevated cholesterol levels also experienced a​ reduction in​ LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is​ the​ bad cholesterol.
When too much of​ this type of​ cholesterol circulates in​ the​ blood,​ it​ oxidizes into plaque that clogs the​ arteries. This causes the​ arteries to​ narrow,​ increasing your risk of​ heart attack and stroke.
When you combine this information with other studies that have shown a​ positive relationship between the​ amount of​ tea consumed in​ a​ day and the​ amount of​ overall body fat,​ it​ certainly suggests that drinking tea can be an effective way to​ lose weight and keep it​ off.
We all know that it’s critical to​ eat well and get regular exercise in​ order to​ maintain our health and keep our weight in​ check. However,​ understanding how simple things like drinking tea can provide assistance can make this challenge a​ little easier and faster.

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