Mlb Tickets Will Be Available For Five More Games Tigers Will Win World Series

Chances are that if​ you’re a​ Tigers fan,​ you’ve been thinking that MLB tickets would still be available at​ this point. if​ you live in​ or​ root for St. Louis,​ the​ fact that the​ Cardinals are still alive may be a​ bit of​ a​ surprise. What’s no surprise,​ however,​ is​ that the​ World Series is​ off to​ a​ competitive start,​ tied at​ a​ game apiece,​ and it’s beginning to​ look like it’s going the​ full seven. a​ breakdown of​ what to​ expect will explain why this could shape up to​ be one of​ the​ all-time fall classics.


Each team’s “ace” has been identified,​ but both the​ Tigers and Cardinals have been getting unexpected results from their other starting pitchers throughout the​ postseason. Kenny Rogers stoned the​ Cardinals in​ game two,​ and Chris Carpenter takes the​ mound in​ game three. Each of​ them should win their starts,​ which basically gives each team a​ win and sets up a​ potentially dramatic game seven if​ they face each other in​ the​ deciding game.

The Cardinals have been getting great performances from the​ likes of​ Jeff Suppan,​ who was scorned in​ Boston,​ and the​ Tigers have gotten quite a​ bit of​ mileage from Jeremy Bonderman. Neither is​ seen as​ a​ “stopper,​” but both have been nearly untouchable in​ crucial stretches.


When’s the​ last time the​ managers were catching the​ attention of​ general fans in​ a​ World Series? Managers don’t normally move MLB tickets on​ their own,​ but Tony La Russa and Jim Leyland are both masters of​ their craft,​ and watching them match wits has already been a​ pleasure in​ the​ first two games.

Neither of​ them is​ perfect,​ but neither ever needs to​ learn a​ lesson more than once. For instance,​ it’s a​ good bet that the​ Tigers won’t be pitching to​ Albert Pujols any more if​ first base is​ open,​ as​ they learned the​ hard way in​ game one. On the​ other side of​ the​ diamond,​ it’s already apparent that the​ Cardinals have figured out that the​ Tigers have been concentrating on​ plate patience,​ which is​ why so many first-pitch fastballs over the​ plate are beginning to​ appear.

It’s these subtleties that make this match up so intriguing,​ and also why neither team is​ going to​ run away and hide with the​ series before either Leyland or​ La Russa makes the​ adjustments to​ keep everything close.


Neither team is​ one of​ those “on a​ ridiculous roll” teams that we’ve seen sweep through the​ series in​ the​ recent past,​ including the​ Boston Red Sox in​ 2004 and the​ Chicago White Sox last year. These are evenly-matched teams,​ both of​ whom struggled badly down the​ stretch and both of​ whom nearly choked away their spots in​ the​ postseason.

They’re not feeling lucky to​ be here,​ but they’re not feeling invincible,​ either,​ and given that competitive edge along with good pitching and top-notch game management and preparation,​ this World Series is​ going to​ go the​ distance.

However,​ MLB tickets in​ Detroit are going to​ take on​ historical value in​ a​ few days,​ as​ the​ Tigers will win it​ in​ seven games.

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