Miniclip Games Their Friendly User Ability And Ease Of Installation

Miniclip Games Their Friendly User Ability And Ease Of Installation
My family and I​ found MiniClip games in​ 2003 while surfing the​ web for free downloadable games for our kids .​
We were pleasantly surprised when at​ that time our Windows 98 and our measly 64 MB of​ memory was able to​ run the​ game we​ wanted to​ download .​
We became more shocked; when the​ only extra software we​ needed to​ run the​ games were Macromedia Flash Player and Shockwave,​ which thanks to​ other programs we​ already had installed.
As time progressed we​ loved the​ fact that the​ games were user friendly,​ had no Adware or​ Spyware,​ or​ required large file downloads .​
Having Dial-up Internet small file sizes were extremely important .​
Each of​ the​ Games we​ played loaded easily and we​ used our mouse or​ keyboard to​ play them,​ saving us money on​ having to​ purchase additional items such as​ game pads or​ joysticks.
The free games we​ have downloaded have no time limit before you had to​ buy or​ quit using it .​
With over a​ 900 different games to​ choose from you are sure to​ find some old favorites such as​ Pac Man,​ Space Invaders,​ Battle Ship and more .​
There are also newer games such as​ Dancing Bush,​ Snow Boarding,​ and Ridge Racer .​
There are Multiplayer games,​ Sports Games,​ and my personal favorite Word Games,​ and game geared for kids of​ all ages,​ plus with many more to​ choose from,​ I​ am sure you will find a​ game to​ play.
One of​ our favorite games that we​ have found to​ play is​ called Trap Shoot,​ where you pick your own character each having their own special firearm .​
Then you decide your target,​ it​ can range from Clay Pigeons to​ Chickens and even Beer Cans .​
the​ game level begins fairly easy starting at​ two targets and then with each level you complete the​ target amount increases .​
The game continues until you miss your target level,​ after which the​ game restarts from the​ beginning.
The only drawback we​ found at​ the​ time with this game and a​ few others was the​ lack of​ instructions on​ how to​ play the​ game .​
However more and more of​ their games have help links and instructions included .​
As such I​ recommend trying the​ game you want to​ download online first,​ to​ see how easy it​ is​ to​ play and whether or​ not it​ contains playing instructions .​
There are also example plays to​ guide you along so don’t get discouraged and remember we​ have not by any means played all of​ them.
For those you have found your favorite game but seem to​ beat it​ every time you play,​ there is​ now a​ try/buy sections where many of​ their free versions are even harder to​ defeat .​
With the​ option to​ try and then buy,​ you get to​ see if​ the​ newer or​ harder version is​ the​ right game for you without losing money .​
There are also 5 Minute games for those of​ us who need a​ break but do not have the​ luxury of​ free time to​ begin something more complex.
I hope you and your family find these games as​ much fun as​ we​ have and remember that this is​ just my opinion and not anyone else.

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