Mens Health And Weight Loss Tip 1 How To Regain Your Prime And Never Lose It Again

Mens Health And Weight Loss Tip 1 How To Regain Your Prime And Never
Lose It Again

Guys,​ let's face it.

Aging is​ an​ inevitable process for all of​ us. However,​ you don't have to​ take it​ "lying down". as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ you can literally manage the​ whole ordeal and either hang on​ to​ your body's prime condition or​ regain that which has been lost for years following a​ few very basic principles.

Eating Habits

The first and most important aspect of​ your prime maintenance program has to​ do with what you allow to​ enter your body via your eating habits. You know what they say---"garbage in,​ garbage out"---and it​ couldn't be more true than when it​ applies to​ your longevity and how good or​ bad you will age over the​ next few decades.

One thing that you will want to​ start doing immediately is​ to​ wean your body off of​ its cravings for and dependence on​ sugar. Sugar has a​ very insidious way of​ speeding up the​ aging process by weakening your body in​ a​ number of​ ways. in​ fact,​ Nancy Appleton,​ Ph.D.,​ and author of​ "Lick the​ Sugar Habit" outlines the​ following detriments of​ sugar intake:

  • immune system suppression
  • upsets the​ body's mineral relationships
  • can raise the​ body's triglycerides
  • reduces the​ body's ability to​ defend itself against bacterial infection
  • causes a​ loss of​ body tissue elasticity and function
  • contributes to​ copper deficiency
  • interferes with calcium and magnesium absorption
  • can weaken the​ eye sight
  • can cause general premature aging
  • causes tooth decay
  • contributes to​ obesity
  • can cause gallstones
  • can cause heart disease
  • can cause appendicitis
  • can cause M.S. (multiple sclerosis)
  • can cause varicose veins
  • can lower vitamin E levels in​ the​ blood
  • increases cholesterol and systolic blood pressure
  • can cause cataracts
  • deregulates bowel movements
  • can cause myopia (near sightedness)
  • can compromise the​ lining of​ the​ capillaries
  • can make the​ tendons brittle
  • can contribute to​ Alzheimer's disease
  • can lead to​ the​ formation of​ kidney stones
  • feeds cancer
  • the body changes sugar into 2-5 times more fat than it​ does starch
  • may induce cell death

Need I say more about sugar?

Good. Let's move on.

Another thing that you'll want to​ get a​ handle on​ is​ alcohol. Not such a​ bad thing in​ moderation,​ excessive alcohol consumption inhibits the​ youthfulness and vibrance of​ the​ body by making it​ more susceptible to​ a​ number of​ diseases and infections which debilitate its ability to​ function.

Of course,​ some of​ the​ same diet intake strategies that are affective in​ weight loss help to​ maintain prime condition as​ well. Not making a​ habit of​ eating late or​ consuming a​ lot of​ dairy and animal fat products will help to​ both keep you trim and preserve the​ functioning of​ your arteries in​ order to​ help your body keep control of​ its blood pressure and cholesterol levels as​ well,​ measure which will protect you from developing heart problems.

In addition to​ things that you will want to​ restrict from you diet,​ there are several that you will want to​ make sure to​ supplement it​ with or​ at​ least make sure that you get plenty of​ in​ your regular intake.

First on​ this list is​ water. Cliche as​ it​ may sound,​ there wouldn't be enough room to​ discuss all of​ the​ things that it​ does to​ keep the​ body's systems clean and operable. Not to​ mention the​ aesthetic benefit that it​ has on​ the​ clarity of​ the​ skin.

Antioxidants will definitely need to​ be a​ part of​ your daily food regimen. These substances fight the​ aging effects of​ free-radical damage to​ the​ body. Some of​ the​ more popular antioxidants include:

  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium
  • Soy and Isoflavones
  • zinc

Two of​ the​ easiest ways to​ add anti-oxidants to​ your diet are to​ drink green tea daily and to​ use soy milk with added isoflavones in​ the​ place of​ where you would use regular milk or​ cream.

Body Tone and Mobility

You may or​ may not be currently putting your body through regular resistance training. However,​ doing so get more and more important as​ you get older. Once past the​ age of​ 35,​ our bodies lose approximately 1% of​ their muscle mass annually. Since it​ is​ this muscle mass that gives your body its shape,​ form,​ and much of​ its strength,​ you will want to​ use resistance training to​ prevent atrophy and preserve as​ much of​ the​ actual muscle tissue as​ possible.

A second way in​ which resistance train helps you is​ that it​ keeps the​ bones strong and able to​ take abnormal amounts of​ pressure. This "practice" for the​ bones will come in​ handy in​ keeping them away from breaks and fractures that are very common as​ well as​ debilitating in​ older people.

Even more important than resistance training is​ your body's flexibility. Nothing contributes more to​ optimal mobility than having flexible joints and muscles.

What's more is​ that a​ regular stretching routine not only adds to​ mobility but also helps to​ guard against 3 of​ the​ most common injuries---those to​ your back,​ knees,​ and hip area. Many of​ these injuries are the​ result of​ a​ rigid body being twisted into positions beyond its strength capacity or​ its range of​ flexibility to​ the​ point that something "snaps". Once any of​ these areas suffers major damage,​ it​ is​ generally never the​ same again.

The third major ingredient in​ preserving prime body tone and conditioning is​ cardiovascular activity. the​ benefits of​ such activity are obvious: a​ stronger,​ healthier heart and minimized body fat,​ the​ latter of​ the​ two helping the​ body maintain its most attractive shape and tone.

Preserving What You Have

When someone said "An ounce of​ prevention is​ worth a​ pound of​ cure",​ boy were they on​ target.

Taking the​ best care of​ your body's condition before it​ begins to​ give you problems is​ the​ absolute most important part of​ any strategy to​ regain---or maintain---your prime.

Much of​ what has already been discussed has dealt with taking care of​ yourself through diet and exercise. However,​ there are additional things that demand attention cosmetically in​ order to​ "put the​ icing on​ the​ cake" in​ all of​ this.

Getting the​ proper rest so that your body may recuperate properly is​ of​ the​ utmost importance. Sufficient rest alone does a​ great deal to​ retard at​ least the​ appearance of​ aging. You'll feel a​ heck of​ a​ lot better as​ well.

Other things can be done include staying out of​ the​ sun to​ avoid excessive skin damage,​ and following at​ least a​ basic washing and moisturizing regimen to​ keep the​ face clean and fresh. Good grooming also goes a​ long way as​ well with looking and feeling your absolute best.

The Final Word

Finally,​ it​ is​ imperative that you keep at​ least a​ once-a-year appointment with your doctor for an​ annual checkup. This is​ the​ best way to​ catch any deficiencies that may slip through the​ cracks with everything that you've got going on​ to​ keep yourself in​ peak condition.

Even with lots of​ effort being put into your body's maintenance,​ a​ few things are bound to​ slip through due to​ your
individual lifestyle,​ habits,​ and genetic predispositions. Therefore,​ keeping tabs on​ your vital signs and being on​ the​ lookout for common killers like heart problems,​ cancers,​ and auto-immune deficiencies are paramount to​ your success.

Keeping all of​ these things in​ mind AND in​ practice will not only help to​ restore and retain your prime,​ but will help you to​ enjoy the​ absolute best overall quality of​ life that you possibly can.

To Your Best Body,​

Lawrence Cole
Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach
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