Menopause And Weight Loss

During menopause,​ many women report that the​ challenge of​ weight loss becomes even more difficult. the​ need to​ lose weight haunts women most of​ the​ time,​ and now more men are reporting the​ same struggle. When women hit menopause,​ weight gathers around the​ waist and hips; despite our best efforts to​ diet and exercise.

What we​ know is​ that this additional body fat is​ linked to​ your hormones. Most women follow a​ conventional low-fat,​ high-carbohydrate diet with lots of​ processed foods. Eventually this diet creates a​ condition known as​ insulin resistance; see Dr. Schwarzbein's book on​ the​ book list. When you are insulin resistant,​ your body converts calories into fat even when you are dieting. Menopause feels like a​ losing battle,​ but it​ doesn't have to​ be.

When you are stressed,​ as​ the​ body typically is​ during menopause,​ stress hormones block weight loss. Despite adequate food,​ the​ body acts as​ if​ it's in​ a​ famine and stores all spare calories as​ fat.

This leads to​ a​ metabolic disorder called adrenal fatigue.

Many women combine a​ high-stress life with a​ low-fat,​ high-carb diet which creates a​ powerful hormonal imbalance which causes us to​ gain weight. Yo-yo dieting exacerbates the​ problem.

Also,​ when a​ woman is​ on​ a​ high-carb diet she is​ often barraged with a​ craving for sweets. the​ body can't maintain optimal blood sugar and serotonin levels,​ so you snack and drink caffeine to​ feel better. That makes your insulin resistance worse and the​ vicious cycle of​ gaining weight is​ accelerated.

During perimenopause,​ women lose estrogen which is​ an​ added factor to​ this problem. as​ estrogen decreases,​ the​ body needs extra fat resources. Other factors that play into this problem,​ are unresolved emotional issues,​ food sensitivities,​ digestive issues such as​ yeast,​ and even heavy metal toxicity.

So what do we​ do?

The most important step is​ to​ GET HEALTHY!

Follow an​ eating plan like the​ one in​ the​ Schwarzbein Principle or​ the​ Zone Diet

You need protein at​ every meal,​ low carbs,​ very little to​ no processed food,​ and lots of​ fruit and vegetables

Drink plenty of​ water

Take nutritional supplements

Try Supplements Designed for Menopause

Stop weighing yourself,​ use your clothes as​ a​ gauge (focus on​ your health not your weight)

Start exercising - walk 4-5 times a​ week for 30 minute (it boosts metabolism)

Get help for emotional eating - you have to​ face your fears to​ get through them

Reduce the​ stress in​ your life,​ make time for fun and relaxation - strive for BALANCE

Learn to​ love yourself during menopause and accept who you are and at​ what stage in​ life you find yourself

Menopause can make weight loss even more challenging for both women and men. But with the​ right knowledge and some hard work,​ it​ can be done.

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The information in​ this article is​ for educational purposes only,​ and is​ not intended as​ medical advice.

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