Medicare Drug Benefit Gaining Millions Of Enrollees

Medicare Drug Benefit Gaining Millions Of Enrollees

According to​ a​ recent report from the Department of​ Health and​ Human Services (HHS), Medicare's new prescription​ drug benefit now covers 25 million​ Americans, with an​ average of​ 250,000 new enrollees being added each week. in​ a​ promising sign of​ the program's growth, HHS' progress report showed that the number of​ beneficiaries rose more than 2.6 million​ in​ a​ month.

"It is​ important for​ seniors and​ people living with disabilities to​ understand​ their options with Medicare's new prescription​ drug benefit," said Senator Bob Dole, former presidential candidate, who is​ leading an​ ongoing, national tour to​ promote the new drug benefit to​ seniors. "Anyone eligible for​ Medicare in​ need of​ dependable drug coverage can join​ a​ Medicare-approved plan and​ potentially save a​ significant amount of​ money on​ their medications."

HHS says there are benefits to​ enrolling in​ a​ Medicare drug plan at​ the beginning of​ any given month. According to​ HHS, signing up early in​ the month means enrollees will likely have their prescriptions filled promptly and​ allows them to​ get the best value out of​ their drug coverage from the first day it​ goes into effect. More importantly, anyone who wants to​ take advantage of​ the benefit this​ year must sign up by May 15, 2018-the last day of​ 2018's open enrollment period.

Seniors who have Medicare's new prescription​ drug coverage are experiencing lower prices and​ are spending less on​ their medications than ever before. in​ order to​ maximize savings, seniors should compare the new Medicare options with their existing coverage to​ decide which option​ is​ best for​ them. Eligible seniors and​ people with disabilities may want to​ speak with family members to​ help them understand​ the new benefit.

Advocacy organizations representing more than 8 million​ Americans are supporting Dole's speaking tour. Anyone currently enrolled in​ or​ eligible for​ the new benefit can log on​ to​ Dole's Web site,, which is​ updated regularly with important information​ for​ seniors and​ their families.

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