Marketing Your Web Site Part 3 Using Email E Books Letterhead And Magazines

Using Email to​ market your web site

This is​ a​ very touchy subject. One that needs to​ be addressed and that you​ need to​ understand. Email marketing falls into three categories. First is​ simple,​ you​ place a​ signature line in​ your email program that automatically adds your signature block to​ each out going email. This signature line identifies your web site and a​ brief tag line or​ catch phase. Every time you​ respond or​ send an​ email,​ your signature advertises your business. No problems with that. However,​ the​ next two types of​ email marketing are very touchy.

By now,​ everyone has heard of​ SPAM. Your definition may be different from mine and from the​ governments. However,​ you​ look at​ it,​ SPAM is​ unwanted email. Now email marketing requires that we send emails to​ our potential customers. This can be done either with or​ without their permission. Sending email without the​ permission of​ the​ recipient put us in​ a​ bad light. Often resulting is​ negative feelings and responses from the​ recipient. This is​ bad for business. if​ you​ piss off the​ potential customer,​ well.... they are no longer a​ potential customer as​ they have deleted you​ email and won't be visiting your site. you​ have wasted valuable time and money. So,​ the​ only people you​ will be sending any marketing emails to​ will be those that have requested information from you​ or​ have agreed to​ receive information from you. This is​ called permission based email.

Where can you​ find people who are willing to​ receive your emails? First provide a​ place on​ your web site to​ gather the​ names and addresses of​ your visitors. Offer them something in​ exchange,​ such as​ a​ free publication,​ or​ your newsletter,​ or​ something else of​ potential value to​ them. Let them know when they sign up that you​ will from time to​ time be sending them information. Include in​ the​ email a​ means to​ unsubscribe at​ any time. as​ people sign up you​ are building your email list which you​ can market to​ as​ often as​ you​ like. I wouldn't recommend more than twice a​ month.

There are other web sites that maintain a​ list of​ people who want to​ hear from your. This permission based method is​ usually based on​ a​ particular subject matter. Such as​ hobbies,​ business ideas,​ child care etc. you​ can find them on​ the​ web by searching for mailing list.

Emails are an​ inexpensive way to​ keep in​ touch with your customers. if​ you​ have a​ brick and motor store,​ try to​ get the​ email addresses of​ your current customers and add them to​ the​ list as​ well. you​ will be surprised at​ how much extra business can come from a​ personalize email about a​ special you​ are offering for their support over the​ last year etc.

Using E-books to​ market your web site

What can your own E-zine or​ E-book do for your business or​ web site? How about:

Sell more products or​ services. an​ e-zine/e-book can increase your credibility,​ making it​ easier to​ sell your product or​ service as​ well as​ those of​ others in​ which you​ have a​ stake.

Attract more affiliates to​ help sell your products or​ services. This form of​ advertising is​ viral in​ it​ approach. E-zines and e-books get passed from person to​ person. Creating more interest which makes people want to​ jump on​ board and become part of​ that success.

Establish yourself as​ an​ expert in​ your field,​ creating more 'believability' and trust.

People don't buy from strangers. With you​ e-zine or​ e-book you​ become better known to​ them. When the​ time comes they need or​ want your products or​ services,​ there's no question who they'll buy them from -- YOU!

Show your visitors and clients everything you​ can really do for them,​ maximizing your sales efforts.

Build a​ base of​ customers who are ready to​ hire you,​ buy from you,​ evangelize for you​ and create more fans for you.

Effortlessly spread the​ word about your business via "viral marketing."

Create new revenue streams from selling ad space and recommending other products that you're an​ affiliate of. See our affiliate page for more information.

Become a​ recognized publisher. Have others writing your articles,​ advertisers paying for exposure in​ your publication.

Here is​ an​ IMPORTANT point,​ capture the​ email addresses of​ your Web site visitors,​ gaining permission to​ market to​ them over and over again and multiple chances closing the​ sale. Not to​ mention the​ sales of​ other products or​ services.

Keep in​ touch with all of​ your customers,​ prospects,​ and associates — on​ a​ regular basis.

Simple tips for creating e-zines and e-books

Package your knowledge on​ a​ regular basis into tips and articles that can be reprinted in​ other publications for tons of​ additional exposure and traffic. There are thousands of​ ebooks and e-zines in​ publication today. Most are specialized in​ a​ particular segment of​ the​ web or​ interest. When you​ find an​ ebook/ezine that reaches the​ people that may be interested in​ your product or​ service. Contact them to​ see if​ they take outside articles. if​ they do,​ send them an​ article or​ two that you​ may have written. Include information on​ your business and its web site if​ they publish your article,​ your name and web site will be listed. This is​ a​ great way of​ getting free advertising and traffic to​ your site.

Another way to​ get articles for your e-books is​ to​ find someone to​ write them for you. Much like the​ process above but in​ this case you​ are the​ one publishing the​ material. Use your web site,​ chat rooms,​ forums etc to​ advertise for articles.

Save thousands of​ dollars printing and postage by producing your newsletter online instead of​ printing it. Adobe Writer is​ a​ good program for your e-books and any email program can be used for e-zines.

We have several resources in​ our download area on​ ebook. One of​ the​ better programs for creating ebooks is​ Deadeasy although not free it​ makes a​ great tool for creating ebooks. if​ you​ would like more information on​ Deadeasy,​ click here.

Using Letterhead to​ market your web site
Every business uses paper to​ correspond with its customers,​ vendors and other businesses. Many small businesses and home based businesses today use the​ computer a​ and a​ word processor to​ generate this correspondence whether it​ be printed or​ electronic we all do. So how can we use this correspondence to​ market our business? Simple,​ create a​ letterhead template and make it​ your default document when ever you​ create a​ business related correspondence.
In your letterhead template make sure you​ have your website address and you​ company slogan (if you​ have one) prominently displayed. I have even seem some letterhead lately that simply has the​ website address listed and no physical address as​ many companies are Internet based or​ figure that you​ will have access to​ the​ Internet and can visit their site to​ look up the​ street address if​ needed. This is​ actually a​ clever move,​ in​ that it​ get you​ to​ visit the​ site,​ which is​ what our marketing is​ trying to​ do to​ begin with.

Using Magazines to​ market your web site
Those articles that you​ wrote or​ had written for your business can also be sent to​ magazine and newspapers for publication. Each one that is​ printed is​ free advertisement for your business that last for years. Just think how many issues are passed around from person to​ person before they end up in​ the​ trash. I saw several magazines at​ the​ Laundromat that were from 1996-1998 that people were still reading. you​ can do a​ search on​ the​ web for publications in​ your area of​ expertise. Visit their web sites and find the​ editors email address. Be sure to​ find out the​ policy for submitting an​ article for publication and follow it. Some editors don’t like it​ when the​ mail box is​ full of​ unsolicited articles that do not conform to​ their policies and will just trash the​ email instead of​ replying to​ you.

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