Malware May Be Hard At Work On Your Computer

Malware May Be Hard At Work On Your Computer

Malware May Be Hard At Work On Your Computer
If you’ve been using a​ personal computer for some time the​ word Malware gets on​ your nerves .​
Malware is​ the​ nice term for malicious software,​ anyone that has had their PC corrupted by it​ will use a​ different choice of​ words .​
Malicious software includes viruses,​ adware,​ spyware,​ and Trojans .​
If you don’t take precautions they will take over your computer.
Viruses are probably the​ most common type of​ malware .​
Viruses can do all kinds of​ maddening things to​ your computer .​
They can erase all the​ files on​ your hard drive,​ cause your computer to​ close windows without reason,​ they can eventually cause your system to​ not even turn on.
Adware is​ another type of​ Malware that is​ not quite as​ openly malicious as​ a​ virus but can be just as​ annoying .​
Adware is​ a​ type of​ software that people inadvertently download onto their computer .​
They may download a​ screensaver or​ a​ video game and before you no it​ your whole desktop has changed .​
Adware is​ used to​ monitor a​ persons surfing habits so that the​ person can market specific messages to​ them .​
If you’re getting a​ lot of​ pop ups and banner advertising,​ it’s probably Adware at​ work.
Spyware is​ similar to​ adware but in​ addition to​ monitoring your surfing it​ can also record your keystrokes .​
The real scare to​ spyware is​ that it​ is​ looking for you to​ put in​ personal data such as​ financial information,​ like a​ social security number,​ credit card numbers,​ banking accounts .​
Like adware,​ spyware usually finds its way onto your hard drive through some sort of​ freeware download.
Trojans are some of​ the​ most dangerous types of​ malware .​
Many Trojans .​
are downloaded to​ your computer by hackers and steal your personal and financial data and then report it​ back to​ a​ hacker database .​
Most trojans are sometimes downloaded by clicking links in​ email that look normal but are really hyperlinks to​ hacker databases where the​ Trojan is​ then downloaded to​ your computer.
The good news is​ that you can protect your information and your computer by using anti virus or​ anti malware software.
If you have a​ specific problem with one kind of​ malware,​ you might want to​ buy a​ specific product,​ but for all round protection,​ virus software usually works the​ best .​
Virus software works by scanning your computer files,​ searching for viruses and malware files .​
Scanning your computer files can take a​ few minutes to​ a​ few hours depending on​ how big your hard drive is​ .​
Once a​ virus or​ malware file is​ found,​ the​ virus software puts the​ file in​ an​ isolation area .​
At the​ end of​ the​ scan,​ the​ virus software reports the​ list of​ any malware files found and asks what you want to​ do with the​ files .​
You can then erase all the​ files or​ keep them isolated until you know what they are.

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