Make A Weight Loss New Years Resolution And Stick With It All Year Long

Losing weight is​ one of​ the​ most popular New Year’s resolutions each year. we​ all start with great intentions but after a​ few weeks,​ we​ fall back into our usual unhealthy lifestyle and the​ weight we​ did lose creeps back on. Let’s take a​ look at​ what steps to​ take to​ make sure we​ still stick to​ our weight-loss resolution at​ the​ end of​ December.

Determine your “Why” and write it​ down.

Think about the​ reason why you want to​ loose weight. is​ it​ to​ look better in​ a​ bathing suit for that vacation in​ July? is​ it​ to​ be healthier and get your risk for heart disease and diabetes down? Do you want to​ be able to​ enjoy a​ more active lifestyle? Do you want more energy to​ play catch with the​ kids? Be as​ specific as​ possible.

Now take out a​ sheet of​ paper and write down your big “Why”.

Set and write down sensible weight-loss goals.

The next important tip to​ being able to​ stick to​ your weight-loss goal is​ to​ set a​ sensible goal to​ begin with. You shouldn’t expect yourself to​ loose more than 1 to​ 2 pounds per week. Look for a​ Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator online to​ help you determine whether you are underweight,​ normal,​ overweight,​ or​ obese. the​ higher your BMI,​ the​ more weight you can expect to​ lose in​ the​ long run. if​ you are in​ the​ normal range,​ but feel that you should lose weight,​ you may not want to​ aim for more than 5 pounds. On the​ other hand,​ if​ you are obese,​ than losing 50 pounds this year may be a​ good goal for you.

I would also like to​ encourage you to​ consult with your physician before starting any weight loss program. He or​ she can give you an​ even better idea on​ a​ good goal for you.

Make a​ plan you can stick with all year long.

You know yourself better than just about anyone else. Most likely you’ve been on​ a​ diet or​ two (or more). So you already know what doesn’t work for you. You’ll be most likely to​ stick with something common sense making small changes that you can live with from here on. Eat healthier and consume fewer calories,​ but also get more active.

Set small goals along the​ way.

Look at​ where you are at​ now and at​ your goal for the​ end of​ the​ year. Now break it​ down into several small goals. You want to​ break your weight loss journey down into small chunks that seem more attainable. Focus on​ the​ first “mini” goal until you reach it​ and then move on​ to​ the​ next one.

Keep track of​ your progress.

Keep a​ journal and record what you eat and how active you are during the​ day. if​ you chase the​ kids around the​ yard for 20 minutes,​ record it. Writing these things down builds accountability. You’ll find yourself thinking,​ “If I eat that cookie,​ I’ll have to​ write it​ down. I better skip it”. or​ if​ you haven’t been a​ couch potato all day,​ you may be motivated to​ take a​ quick walk around the​ block so you can jot it​ down in​ your journal.

Celebrate each small goal.

Remember those small goals you planed out? Make sure you celebrate each goal you reach – but not with food. Reward yourself with a​ new blouse,​ a​ manicure,​ or​ a​ good book. Pick something you truly enjoy. This will build some positive reinforcement that will keep you going until you reach the​ next goal.

Keep your “Why” in​ mind.

Don’t loose track of​ the​ big picture. Remind yourself daily of​ your big “Why”,​ the​ reason why you want to​ lose weight. Keep the​ sheet of​ paper with your reason for losing weight close by and read it​ every morning or​ every evening. This is​ another big motivator to​ keep you going all year.

Losing weight can seem like a​ daunting task,​ especially if​ you have a​ fair amount to​ lose and you are just starting out. Don’t let it​ intimidate you though. Take it​ one step and one pound at​ a​ time. Before you know it,​ it​ will be the​ December and you will be 5,​ 10 or​ 50 pounds lighter. I know you can do it!
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