Make A Place For Computers In Childrens World

Make A Place For Computers In Childrens World

Computers have become an​ important part of​ our everyday lives and will be even more in​ the​ future. Knowledge about computers might become as​ important to​ elementary school children as​ reading and writing.

There has been a​ lot of​ debate whether computers should be used with younger children. Some educators doubt the​ value of​ modern technology with younger kids. But some researchers have found lot of​ positive learning benefits with the​ use of​ computers in​ younger kids,​ especially when an​ adult supervisor is​ involved. Positive impact has also been found on​ children with disabilities or​ special needs. it​ has been said that “Technology can change the​ way children think and learn.”

Children are great “thinkers”. Their rapidly growing brains are assimilating a​ lot of​ knowledge from their surroundings. Lot of​ data is​ analyzed and stored in​ the​ memory cells. Positive play experiences,​ visual and auditory stimuli give a​ big boost to​ this process.

For example; I was pleasantly surprised one day when I saw my 2and half year old twin girls playing with their toy fishes. They were holding a​ couple of​ dolphins,​ making jumping movements with their hands and dolphin sounds with their mouth at​ the​ same time. They were pretending that the​ dolphins are playing in​ the​ water. Then they picked up a​ whale which started talking to​ the​ dolphins. They made whale sounds with some “clicks” and “tweets”. Being a​ mother I was fascinated and of​ course very proud. I learned later that they were looking at​ the​ Encyclopedia with their dad,​ on​ the​ earlier day and had repeatedly watched the​ sound clips and little video clips.

Explore,​ create and learn while having fun. That is​ a​ child’s life. Playing is​ a​ lot more to​ children then just having fun. as​ children play,​ they learn about themselves and their surrounding environment. They learn social skills,​ learn to​ solve problems and also develop their motor skills. Playing enhances their creativity and imagination.

These days wonderful computer based educational games and activities are available in​ the​ market for children. There are excellent websites on​ the​ internet,​ which provide information and educational games for children. Parents and caregivers should find play activities fit for their children. They should be challenging,​ but not frustrating or​ overwhelming. Parents are their child’s first playmates. Children enjoy a​ game lot more when a​ parent or​ family member is​ involved in​ the​ play.

Should children surf on​ the​ internet? it​ is​ “information super-highway.” it​ has its own benefits and risks. Children using internet without supervision is​ a​ risk,​ but with a​ knowledgeable and responsible adult it​ could bring lot of​ benefits. it​ is​ just like driving a​ car and riding a​ car. Children can safely ride and enjoy the​ information super highway while a​ responsible adult is​ in​ the​ driver’s seat.

Of course there should be a​ limit on​ how much time children can spend on​ the​ computer. as​ a​ general guideline the​ rules can be similar to​ those used for viewing TV. Anything done in​ excess can be harmful. Consumption of​ too many vitamin tablets in​ a​ day can also be harmful.

Dr.Kanchan Bodas

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