Make Extra Money Six Unusual Ways

Make Extra Money Six Unusual Ways

Make Extra Money - Six Unusual Ways
I was young and wanted some way to​ make extra money - something other than another fast food job .​
a​ friend of​ the​ family owned a​ small insurance agency .​
The owner decided to​ get into the​ business of​ process serving,​ and I​ applied for the​ job .​
Tracking people down and handing them their court subpoenas sounded like fun.
It was more interesting than most of​ the​ jobs I​ have had .​
I​ had to​ find two defendants in​ a​ lawsuit stemming from a​ school football injury (they worked for the​ school) .​
Both had moved to​ the​ area,​ leaving no forwarding address .​
After using my best phone pretexts to​ get information from the​ family,​ and doing a​ little investigating locally,​ I​ found them both working in​ the​ same place.
I walked up to​ each,​ asked their name and handed them the​ papers .​
They were served .​
The problem was that the​ company was billing by the​ hour,​ and I​ had found these two quickly,​ meaning little profit .​
They dropped the​ idea for the​ new service,​ and dropped my job along with it .​
So much for getting ahead by doing a​ good job.
I had a​ wide variety of​ unusual jobs and other ways to​ make extra money when I​ was younger .​
Sitting here reminiscing at​ the​ keyboard might be considered an​ unusual way to​ make money too,​ but hey,​ it​ works .​
Here are some of​ the​ other ways.
Make Extra Money By...
Stealing cars: At twenty-one I​ was willing to​ try almost anything to​ make extra money .​
My brother's towing business got a​ contract to​ repossess cars,​ and I​ became a​ repo man .​
Prowling the​ night with my brother,​ looking for and legally stealing cars - this was fun .​
Don't expect to​ make too much money doing this though,​ unless you​ live in​ the​ right area .​
Oh,​ and it​ did involve getting chased,​ having a​ gu​n pulled on​ us,​ and other little adventures.
Making walking sticks: I​ sold hundreds of​ my own handmade walking stick alongside our other items at​ flea markets .​
I​ added handgrips made from recycled leather jackets,​ so they cost about 50 cents to​ make .​
I​ sold them for anywhere between $6 to​ $26 .​
You may also want to​ make a​ hobby into a​ way to​ make money,​ but there isn't too much money involved most of​ the​ time.
Financing other peoples plans .​
I​ put up the​ cash to​ buy cars for a​ couple friends .​
They knew cars,​ I​ had cash .​
a​ friend needed $3200 to​ buy and fix a​ corvette,​ for example,​ and two weeks later sold it​ for $4200,​ netting us $500 profit each .​
Letting your money do the​ work to​ make extra money - this is​ one of​ the​ best ways.
Rent rooms .​
At one point I​ had almost $10,​000 per year coming in​ from renting the​ rooms in​ my home .​
I​ owed nothing on​ the​ home at​ this point,​ so this was a​ nice income .​
I​ had decent renters,​ and I​ had built a​ efficiency apartment on​ the​ back of​ the​ place for privacy for my wife and I .​
Easy ways like this are my favorite ways to​ make extra money.

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