Make Big Money On Your Book 10 H O T Tips

Make Big Money On Your Book 10 H O T Tips

Wouldn't it​ be nice to​ write a​ book,​ get paid handsomely for it​ and be considered a​ top expert all at​ once? It's possible--if you​ know the​ rules.

1. Study the​ publishing industry.

Today celebrity books rule. Books that catch a​ quick trend come in​ second. Take chick lit,​ for example. Nobody cared about hip books for women ten,​ or​ even five years ago. But women buy the​ majority of​ books--and actually read them. It's not to​ say that other book genres aren't viable. of​ course they are. the​ big categories of​ fiction and non- fiction will live on​ forever. But even self-help is​ on​ the​ wane according to​ some sources. And,​ as​ a​ literature savvy friend of​ mine said,​ *Plots are passe.* There's much more to​ know about the​ industry. Like what agents look for and how publishers decide on​ what will be profitable.

2. Understand that publishers don't buy books,​ they buy ideas.

Many new authors think they need to​ write a​ book to​ sell it. Not so. you​ develop an​ idea (fiction excluded) and give publishers a​ taste of​ what's to​ come. They decide whether your idea has a​ large enough market for them to​ make money on​ it. you​ must prove,​ without a​ doubt that they can. Lots of​ it.

3. Think of​ your proposal as​ the​ business plan for your book.

Map out the​ life of​ your book in​ the​ marketplace for the​ next five years. Plan on​ devoting at​ least that much time to​ promoting it.

4. Have a​ huge platform.

A platform is​ simply YOUR ability to​ sell books to​ the​ audience that you​ have said will buy--from you. Are you​ already a​ *personality* people recognize and love? How many organizations,​ companies,​ groups do you​ speak to​ every month? Do you​ write regularly for newspapers,​ magazines or​ the​ Internet? Do you​ have prestigious clients who can sell your books in​ bulk to​ their corporations? you​ get the​ idea. you​ must *look* like a​ mover and shaker in​ your field.

5. Be a​ media star.

If you're not already a​ familiar face on​ TV,​ a​ vivacious voice on​ the​ radio or​ a​ person who appears in​ print often,​ not to​ worry. if​ you​ can show you​ have the​ potential to​ become a​ star,​ that's a​ start. Maybe you've been on​ local TV and had rave reviews. if​ so,​ mention that.

6. Speak.

A major publishing house hired me to​ media coach one of​ their rising star authors. Her book was getting major national press--but she was dull. And they were worried that her lackluster personality would effect her book sales. We worked until she got comfortable on​ camera while talking vividly in​ 15 second soundbites.

7. Get media coached.

With some media coaching you​ can morph into a​ mediagenic maven. But it​ does take practice and sincere commitment. you​ can work on​ your pizzazz factor by studying great interviewees and modeling the​ behaviors you​ liked. if​ you​ can’t afford a​ media coach,​ get out that video camera and do mock interviews with friend. a​ lot can be revealed and ironed out just by seeing how you​ appear to​ others on​ the​ big screen.

8. Develop your platform.

When I interviewed editors at​ top New York publishing houses like Simon & Schuster & HarperCollins they told me repeatedly that the​ most important thing a​ writer can have today is​ a​ strong *platform.* a​ platform is​ a​ plan of​ how you​ are going to​ reach your audience to​ sell books.

Prove you​ have a​ following. Publishers want to​ know who has bought your books or​ products in​ the​ past-- and they want to​ know how many. Can you​ show that you​ have a​ track record of​ selling your goods to​ people across the​ globe,​ or​ at​ least in​ your community? Maybe you’re not as​ far along in​ your career as​ one of​ my clients who is​ a​ $12,​000 an​ hour speaker who put in​ his proposal the​ fact that his audiences range from 100-10,​000 people,​ and he speaks 250 times per year.

His speaking bureau typically sells his video and audio tapes to​ those audiences in​ advance when they book his talk. What you​ want to​ show is​ how you​ can secure sales in​ large quantities to​ people you​ know will buy from you--because they have bought already. or​ how audiences similar to​ the​ ones who have purchased are primed to​ buy your book.

9. Get high profile endorsements.

To instantly establish your stature put these accolades on​ page number one so they’re the​ first thing an​ agent or​ editor sees. Endorsements need to​ be from celebrities,​ best- selling authors and well-known experts in​ your field.

Show that you’re respected in​ the​ world. Endorsements show that high-level people believe in​ you,​ that you’re a​ good bet. They also go on​ your book cover jacket and help sell your book--and in​ today’s competitive marketplace it’s essential. Don’t say you’re *actively seeking endorsements.* Leading with the​ endorsements makes sure an​ agent or​ editor gets that you’re a​ big shot--or soon will be.

One secret that many authors don’t know is​ the​ best blurbs are written by the​ writers themselves. Don’t expect famous people to​ read your tome. They don’t have the​ time or​ the​ desire. And please don’t send it​ to​ them unsolicited. Ask permission. Then do the​ work for them and ask them to​ sign off on​ that perfect gem--the one you’ve written--touting the​ marvels of​ your work.

10. Your sample chapter.

Once you’ve established that the​ author has some sort of​ a​ platform,​ that they have some voice in​ the​ world beyond their circle of​ friends,​ I go straight to​ the​ sample chapter.

Prove you​ can write. *I want to​ know if​ they are a​ good writer,​ because an​ agent can tinker away with the​ rest of​ the​ proposal and make it​ sound really good,​* says Kelly Notaras,​ a​ Senior Editor at​ Hyperion.

What if​ you’re not a​ great writer? Hire a​ ghost writer. Remember platform is​ non-replaceable. You,​ the​ personality,​ the​ presence,​ is​ what they’re investing in. Good writing can be bought. Star quality can’t

Make Big Money On Your Book 10 H O T Tips

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