Macromedia Shockwave Games

Macromedia Shockwave Games

Macromedia Shockwave Games
Almost 400 million people have installed the​ Macromedia Shockwave player on​ their computers .​
This allows them to​ play free online games which have an​ astounding level of​ quality and detail .​
Shockwave is​ Macromedia's first multimedia player and predates the​ existence of​ Flash .​
Though it​ was specifically designed for movies,​ Shockwave has become the​ tool of​ choice for developing online games.
The 3D engine used with Shockwave is​ the​ most powerful in​ existence today for online games .​
It has surpassed even Java in​ popularity .​
Most developers now use this amazing tool to​ create free online games .​
All flash files can be played in​ the​ shockwave player .​
The Shockwave engine renders objects much faster than Flash,​ and it​ also works with the​ video hardware on​ the​ user's computer .​
The only problem with Shockwave is​ that it​ is​ not available for Linux .​
The Linux community is​ lobbying to​ change this.
The free online games produced using the​ Shockwave engine are nothing short of​ impressive .​
It is​ believed by many experts that further advances in​ this technology may allow it​ to​ compete with console games in​ the​ future .​
While this may sound slightly far fetched,​ it​ is​ far from being impossible .​
Many argue that the​ graphics capability of​ the​ Shockwave engine can compete with or​ surpass that of​ the​ PSP or​ Nintendo DS .​
While this is​ up for debate,​ there can be no doubt that Shockwave is​ a​ force to​ be reckoned with.
Games can be produced in​ Shockwave for any genre .​
Racing games,​ RPGs,​ fighting,​ and simulators are all currently available in​ Shockwave .​
Many of​ these free online games require users to​ meet certain system requirements in​ order to​ play them .​
This is​ the​ only downside which separates them from console games .​
All games which are designed for a​ specific console will work .​
With Shockwave you need to​ have a​ computer which is​ powerful enough to​ play them .​
the​ most powerful advantage Shockwave games have over console games is​ cost.
While many of​ these games may be free,​ some cost as​ little as​ $9.95 per download .​
This is​ a​ lot cheaper than the​ $40 you will pay for a​ PSP game,​ or​ the​ $60 you will pay for an​ Xbox 360 game .​
As better games are released in​ Shockwave,​ we​ may see a​ shift in​ popularity from console games back to​ computer games in​ the​ future .​
Shockwave has made a​ huge impact in​ free online games and their developement.

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