Love Can Make You Lose Weight

Love Can Make You Lose Weight

Most people make promises to​ lose weight but never seem to​ attain their goals. Perhaps it​ is​ because of​ lack of​ motivation. Well,​ one thing can help with increasing the​ enthusiasm for self-improvement through weight loss. That thing is​ love.

One of​ the​ many reasons why several people gain weight in​ the​ first place from excessive eating and lack of​ exercise may be due to​ an​ intense loneliness and the​ need to​ compensate for this. “No one wants me anyway”,​ they’d say or​ think to​ themselves in​ self-pity “so it​ shouldn’t matter what I look like,​ so let me enjoy something at​ least!”

This emotion is​ quite understandable; however,​ it​ is​ not the​ right approach to​ handling the​ situation. Instead of​ resorting to​ unhealthy binges as​ a​ resort to​ compensate for being alone,​ why not make the​ efforts to​ find that special someone who would motivate you to​ being a​ better person.

It is​ a​ known fact that the​ first thing people judge others on​ is​ quite simply their appearance. if​ you don’t look as​ appealing or​ at​ least come off as​ being concerned about your appearance to​ some degree,​ this could be an​ instant turn-off to​ most people.

So instead of​ giving up on​ yourself,​ it​ will be a​ much better and healthier idea to​ make yourself presentable and appealing just in​ case that special someone comes around.
In addition,​ when you make the​ efforts to​ be healthier and fitter,​ you automatically create the​ foundation for increased self-confidence,​ happiness and a​ positive outlook on​ life.

Now,​ admittedly,​ it​ may seem hard at​ times to​ find that person to​ share our feelings with,​ however,​ there are still plenty of​ options to​ finding someone and it’s safe to​ say the​ energy spent on​ binging and consequently gaining excess weight could be expended in​ such endeavors.

The choices are really limitless: places of​ worship,​ online options (the ‘myspace’ site seems very popular for meeting people),​ work,​ the​ gym etc. Friends,​ with all these choices at​ hand,​ you really don’t have to​ be alone and use this as​ an​ excuse for not caring about yourself.

Even in​ the​ worst case scenario: “How about being in​ love with you?”

That’s a​ start. Christ’s wisdom and subtlety comes to​ mind here when he says : “Love your neighbor as​ you love yourself” When you love yourself (not being vain or​ overly superficial now),​ you will make the​ efforts to​ always look and be your best naturally. as​ a​ result that motivation could and should serve as​ the​ spur to​ action to​ lose excess weight if​ needed.

Now,​ if​ you are in​ a​ relationship already,​ this should serve as​ a​ motivation to​ want to​ look and be your best. to​ simply let things get out of​ hand with your health and appearance can make you appear less attractive to​ your partner,​ in​ spite of​ whatever people say about “it’s not what’s on​ the​ outside that matters…”

Moreover,​ need I mention that excess weight and poor fitness levels can obstruct what may have been a​ healthy and happy sex life for two people in​ love? (Oh and on​ that subject,​ sex is​ a​ great exercise so that’s another way love,​ at​ least making it,​ could come in​ handy to​ lose weight…)

Now Al Green once said “Love can make you do wrong,​ can make you do right”

I say it​ can make you lose weight!

Here’s to​ a​ healthy and happier you.

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