Lost Something On Your Computer It May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Lost Something On Your Computer? It May Not Be As Bad As You Think
Just because you can't see it,​ or​ can't find it​ doesn't mean that its not there! I​ would say at​ least 90% of​ people who use a​ computer on​ a​ regular basis have no idea how it​ actually works .​
They think that things like icons on​ their desktop will make their computer run slow .​
Many things that because they have a​ slow computer it​ will cause their Internet to​ be slow .​
Others think that Windows is​ the​ computer and they don’t realize that it’s just another piece of​ software like every other program running on​ a​ computer .​
Finally many people think that when they click and delete something off of​ their computer,​ and wipe it​ from their trash bin that the​ information is​ actually gone .​
If you think that is​ the​ case,​ and you think you have lost your information for good,​ think again,​ cause you might just be in​ luck!
When information is​ stored on​ your hard drive or​ hard disk,​ it​ is​ stored in​ things called sectors .​
When you delete something off of​ your computer through Windows or​ Linux or​ Dos all it​ is​ doing is​ telling the​ computer that those sectors are now available to​ be written over .​
The computer doesn’t actually wipe them clean,​ which would be useless when it​ could just as​ easily write over them .​
So if​ you have a​ virus or​ a​ computer illiterate roommate that happens to​ delete the​ important files off your computer,​ then you might just be able to​ get that information back .​
There is​ one catch,​ its not easy!
Not only is​ it​ not easy,​ but also 99% of​ people don’t have the​ technology,​ know-how or​ resources and education to​ do it​ themselves .​
This is​ why there are professional companies that specialize in​ data recovery,​ and believe me,​ they charge tons of​ money.
Data loss occurring from an​ actual hard drive failure such as​ overheating and melting important sensors or​ an​ electric shock that fries components might actually result in​ permanent data loss .​
Yep,​ so sometimes data recovery cannot restore lost files .​
This is​ why data security is​ a​ smart,​ preventative measure .​
Backing up data on​ multiple hard drives and CDs and DVDs and on​ multiple computers will prevent disastrous things like permanent data loss from occurring .​
Be smart – back your files up,​ it​ will cost you less to​ back up on​ hard drives than it​ will cost you to​ recover files directly from your hard disk.

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