Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Losing weight can be a​ long,​ ongoing process and it​ is​ too easy to​ "throw in​ the​ towel",​ so to​ speak. This is​ primarily due to​ frustrations because of​ slow results or​ the​ seeming lack of​ results. Keep your sanity in​ your weight loss goals - learn how to​ take the​ little strides to​ achieve your long term weight loss goals.

1. Make a​ plan
Do you have a​ plan? People sometimes get confused by plans and goals. the​ end result goal in​ your case is​ weight loss,​ the​ plan is​ the​ means you are going to​ use to​ get there. While you will undoubtedly have short term goals and a​ long term goal,​ they are not your plan. a​ plan would consist of,​ for example,​ eating breakfast; walking a​ half hour per day; not eating after 8pm; eliminating pop from your daily routine; etc. These are plans that can help you reach your goal of​ weight loss. if​ you've tried certain things before and they didn't work because of​ your lack of​ commitment then try loosening the​ plan a​ little for something that you could easily achieve without pushing yourself too hard. if​ you have a​ plan of​ walking/running 1 hour a​ day but you think that you might give up too easily on​ that: shoot for 15 minutes a​ day & once you've made the​ 15 minutes try and push yourself for 15 minutes more. You're much better off making a​ plan for 15 minutes of​ walking a​ day and doing it​ than making a​ plan of​ walking 1 hour a​ day and never leaving the​ couch.

2. Execute the​ plan
The greatest weight loss plan in​ the​ world will do no good if​ you don't use it. That's where so many people fail is​ that they want to​ lose the​ weight but aren't willing to​ take any steps to​ actually meet their goals. It's like someone saying "I want to​ make $5,​000 this month" but doesn't have a​ job and never leaves the​ couch to​ look for one. a​ job is​ no more going to​ show up at​ your door and give you $5,​000 for sitting than you are going to​ lose weight if​ you continue to​ do nothing about it. as​ was stated above,​ if​ your plan is​ not something you think you can commit to: loosen up your plan to​ something that is​ feasible given your lifestyle and situation.

3. See the​ plan through
Keep on​ keeping on,​ stay focused on​ your weight loss goals,​ and don't give up. it​ is​ not the​ easiest thing getting started,​ but it​ is​ a​ proven fact that it​ takes 21 days to​ form a​ habit. Keep your plan up for a​ few weeks and you'll be well on​ your way to​ your weight loss goals.

By simply creating a​ plan,​ working a​ plan and staying with it,​ you'll soon begin to​ see results with your weight loss goals. Sometimes it​ only takes us seeing the​ start of​ results to​ get us really motivated to​ take the​ weight off.

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