Losing Weight One Pound At A Time

Losing Weight One Pound At A Time

Over two-thirds of​ American adults are overweight or​ obese. That’s quite a​ high percentage of​ adults who have a​ need to​ shed a​ little or​ a​ lot of​ fat! The only way to​ do this is​ one pound at​ a​ time!

Many overweight individuals wish and hope for a​ quick cure to​ their weight problems. They’ll try anything that promises instant results! Unfortunately,​ these ‘miracle weight loss’ products are scams! They may help a​ person shed some water weight,​ initially. But,​ the​ fat isn’t going anywhere without a​ little effort on​ that person’s part!

For those of​ you who have tried weight loss diets or​ are thinking about trying one,​ consider all the​ dieters who have tried the​ same diets and failed. the​ number one reason for permanent weight loss failure is​ the​ inability to​ stick with the​ diet!

Many individuals become ‘yo-yo’ dieters. They try one diet for awhile,​ lose a​ few pounds,​ quit the​ diet,​ gain back the​ weight (and then some),​ and move on​ to​ another diet. the​ process is​ repeated. With each new attempt,​ there is​ often more weight to​ lose than there was initially!

Successful Weight Loss Strategies

If you want to​ lose weight successfully,​ you must realize,​ first,​ that there are no miracle diets or​ products that will blast away the​ fat! You didn’t gain the​ weight overnight! You aren’t going to​ lose it​ overnight,​ either! You will have to​ put forth effort to​ lose the​ fat,​ one pound at​ a​ time! Even after you’ve shed those extra pounds,​ you will have to​ continue to​ work at​ controlling your weight,​ if​ you wish to​ keep the​ fat off!

In an​ article on​ Consumer Reports.org which rates various popular diets,​ Cathy Nonas,​ R.D.,​ M.S.,​ (an obesity researcher at​ North General Hospital in​ New York) states,​ “The best diet is​ the​ one you can stay on.” Consumer Reports goes on​ to​ say that “adherence is​ important…To maintain lost weight,​ dieters must permanently reduce their calorie intake,​ because they will need fewer calories to​ fuel their now-smaller body.”

Fad diets typically fail in​ the​ end. From my own personal experience,​ I have found that eating sensibly works best! if​ you want to​ lose weight (one pound at​ a​ time),​ keep it​ off,​ and feel good,​ too,​ why not try cutting down on​ the​ empty calories found in​ most American diets? Eat more raw vegetables and fruits and whole grains. Go easy on​ the​ fats and processed sugary or​ salty snacks. Limit yourself to​ smaller portions and avoid having second helpings. This type of​ diet is​ one that you CAN stick with and live with for the​ rest of​ your life!

Yes,​ you’ll have to​ make a​ few lifestyle changes,​ and you’ll have to​ work on​ being more disciplined in​ your eating habits. But,​ in​ the​ end,​ it​ will be worth it! You’ll look better! You’ll feel better! Your confidence will return,​ and you’ll believe that there isn’t anything that you cannot do!

Wouldn’t it​ be worth giving up that 44-ounce Coke and that huge order of​ greasy French fries for a​ healthier,​ happier you? if​ you simply can’t do without a​ few French fries and a​ Coke now and then,​ go ahead and treat yourself to​ a​ small serving. Cut back on​ calories somewhere else that day. Occasionally,​ it’s okay to​ indulge. But,​ if​ you seriously want to​ shed the​ extra fat and keep it​ off,​ be conscious about everything you put into your mouth. You’ll lose that weight,​ a​ pound at​ a​ time!

Note: Before beginning any weight loss program,​ be sure to​ check with your medical professional.

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