Losing Weight The Facts

Losing Weight The Facts

We all want to​ lose a​ few pounds and look great,​ especially through those summer months but the​ average person does not succeed in​ keeping those pounds off,​ if​ they lose the​ weight at​ all. the​ reason for this is​ that many people follow the​ latest "celebrity" diets which are good for quick weight loss but are not good for your health or​ for keeping the​ weight off.

It is​ scientifically proven that if​ you follow a​ diet where you lose to​ much weight to​ quickly then you are starving your body of​ certain nutrients it​ needs,​ when you start moving towards eating a​ normal diet your body will automatically store these nutrients within the​ body in​ case this should happen again.

If you want to​ lose weight there are some golden rules you need to​ follow

* Eat 3 meals a​ day
* Eat less
* Eat healthy
* Eat from all the​ food groups (Protein,​ Carbohydrates,​ Fat)
* Exercise

What we​ want to​ achieve is​ to​ still eat 3 meals a​ day,​ just in​ smaller quantites and with healthier food. Within the​ 3 meals we​ still need all the​ different food groups for our body to​ function correctly so we​ still need our protein,​ carbohydrates and our fats. Another important factor for losing weight is​ exercise,​ I don't mean running a​ marathon,​ but if​ you can spare 20 or​ 30 minutes a​ day for a​ walk or​ a​ light jog you will certainly feel the​ benefits.

If you want to​ lose the​ weight quickly then it​ will only last short term,​ if​ you set your goals and take your time losing the​ weight correctly then you will see the​ benefits for a​ long time to​ come. Losig weight is​ not just about physical looks,​ it's about mental well being and your future health.

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