Lose Weight With A Healthy Diet

Lose Weight With A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet should include foods from the​ four main food groups. One of​ the​ best ways to​ lose weight is​ to​ follow the​ food pyramid and eat the​ suggested servings of​ each food group for your age. This method of​ healthy eating does require planning and you need to​ have a​ copy of​ the​ food pyramid in​ front of​ you as​ you plan your menu for the​ week. Planning a​ weekly menu is​ a​ good way to​ get started and once you do this for several weeks,​ the​ kinds and amounts of​ foods that you should be eating will soon become clear to​ you.

Although junk food is​ a​ no-no when you are on​ a​ diet,​ many people who do eat healthy foods still indulge in​ their favorite snacks from time to​ time. There is​ nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to​ time as​ long as​ you don't make it​ a​ practice or​ overindulge. There are also differences in​ what vegetarians term "healthy foods",​ so if​ you don't eat meat,​ it​ does mean that you exclude all animal proteins from your diet. Proteins are essential nutrients that vegetarians might be at​ risk of​ not getting unless they pay particular attention to​ their foods.

Soy is​ comparable to​ animal protein and should be included in​ a​ daily diet if​ you are a​ vegetarian. Other sources of​ protein include

* Dry beans
* Peas
* Lentils

Some grains and vegetables are also good sources of​ protein. Soy milk and tofu are good sources of​ calcium and green leafy plants are a​ good source of​ iron.

Even if​ you are not a​ vegetarian,​ these foods will help to​ complement your diet and help you to​ feel full. All dieters should include a​ multi-vitamin and mineral supplement just to​ make sure. Drinking at​ least 8 glasses of​ water a​ day helps to​ flush out the​ burned calories and keep your body functioning the​ way it​ should.

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