Lose Weight How To Exercise And Burn Fat On A Busy Schedule

Lose Weight How To Exercise And Burn Fat On A Busy Schedule

In my fitness consulting business,​ I get the​ opportunity to​ talk with people from all walks of​ life about their health,​ fitness,​ and weight loss goals. Whether their goal is​ to​ lose weight,​ gain muscle,​ stick to​ a​ diet plan or​ program,​ improve their cardiovascular health,​ or​ simply to​ maintain their current fitness level they all have one common enemy---TIME.

For most of​ us,​ the​ #1 challenge in​ the​ quest to​ stay in​ shape and/or lose weight is​ not exercising itself but being able to​ actually fit an​ exercise program into our busy schedules.

So how do you do it? How do you balance the​ demands of​ family,​ career,​ important errands,​ relationships,​ organizational responsibilities,​ and working out? I have found that there are five keys that will help you to​ be able to​ fit a​ consistent workout plan into your already hectic life.

  1. Commit to​ a​ specific schedule

    When you fail to​ plan you plan to​ fail. Don't try to​ haphazardly fit your workouts into your schedule without any rhyme or​ reason. Don't think you're guilty? if​ you've ever told yourself "I'll workout as​ soon as​ I get some time",​
    you were in​ direct violation of​ this key principle.

    In order to​ set yourself up for success,​ you will need to​ take the​ time to​ literally write your workouts into your weekly schedule. in​ order to​ be effective,​ you will want to​ be following your exercise program at​ least 3 days per week. Anything less would be kidding yourself.

    Therefore,​ right in​ the​ midst of​ all of​ your appointments,​ "to-do" lists,​ etc.,​ should be a​ written plan for your weekly workout routine,​ so that
    you will never be in​ the​ dark as​ to​ when you committed to​ yourself to​ go.

  2. Utilize the​ weekend

    Take advantage of​ the​ fact that it​ only takes 3-5 days per week to​ put together an​ effective,​ results-producing workout. One trick to​ help you pull it​ all off is​ to​ workout on​ the​ weekends. One of​ the​ benefits to​ this course of​ action is​ that your schedule is​ more flexible and under your control during this time.

    What is​ also means is​ that when the​ hectic weekdays roll back around,​ you will only be responsible for working out 1-3 days during the​ work week.

  3. Keep your workouts as​ a​ high priority

    One of​ the​ biggest mistakes that even many people who have scheduled a​ workout program into their schedule make is​ allowing it​ to​ be bumped off of​ their schedule to​ easily.

    Although things will occassionally come up that will cause you to​ have to​ reschedule the​ workout you had planned,​ you must be vigilant in​ making sure that only the​ most important emergencies are allowed to​ temporarily take you off of​ your plan.

    In the​ event that one of​ those important emergencies does happen and you can't make it​ to​ your workout,​ reschedule with yourself to​ make it​ up on​ the​ next possible day that you are available to​ do so. if​ your own health,​ fitness,​ and efforts to​ lose weight are not a​ priority to​ you,​ they certainly won't be so to​ anyone else.

  4. Enroll others in​ your goals

    Don't go at​ this alone. Let the​ important people in​ your life know what you are up to. Your spouse or​ love interest,​ parents,​ children,​ co-workers,​ and close friends will often pitch in​ and help you to​ meet your fitness or​ weight loss commitment to​ yourself if​ you make them aware and ask for their support.

    Leverage these relationships to​ delegate some of​ your normal responsibilities
    or even allow you to​ shift appointments that you have with them as​ you restructure your schedule for your workout. if​ any of​ them are into exercise or​ trying to​ lose weight themselves,​ don't hesitate to​ form a​ buddy system with them as​ you move forward with your program.

  5. Don't beat yourself up

    No matter who you are,​ there will be times in​ your workout program that you just aren't able to​ keep it​ up as​ you would like due to​ outside demands. Don't be too tough on​ yourself when that happens.

    Remember that it​ is​ what you do consistently over a​ long period of​ time,​ not what you do in​ spurts,​ that truly counts. Just make sure that you get back on​ the​ horse full force as​ soon as​ you can and continue to​ press forward,​ doing your best to​ avoid slacking off again.

No matter what goals you have for health,​ fitness,​ or​ weight loss,​ you CAN fit an​ effective exercise program into that hectic schedule of​ yours and be amazingly successful at​ getting the​ exact results that you want!

To Your Best Body,​

Lawrence Cole
Your Lifestyle and Fitness Coach

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