Lose Weight A Few Thoughts

There are few subjects in​ the​ world that have had more written about them than how to​ lose weight. Sad,​ but true. People are simply obsessed with their weight,​ and are willing to​ try any ridiculous fad if​ it​ promises to​ help them shed those pounds and lose those unsightly inches.

At the​ moment,​ the​ fashion is​ for restricted-carbohydrate diets,​ like Atkins,​ the​ South Beach Diet and the​ GI Diet. These diets make foods like pasta and rice out to​ be the​ root of​ all evil,​ instead encouraging you to​ eat high-fat,​ high-protein foods like meat and dairy products. While this approach does result in​ weight loss for many people,​ its long-term health effects are,​ at​ best,​ unknown,​ with most nutritionists agreeing that such a​ diet would most probably be harmful if​ it​ was kept to​ for a​ long time.

In the​ end,​ the​ reason that people go so far to​ find ways of​ losing weight is​ that the​ one method that works is​ so difficult. You simply have to​ eat less food,​ and find time to​ exercise. Unfortunately for us,​ our bodies are ‘addicted’ to​ food,​ and will do everything they can to​ manipulate us into eating more,​ not less – it’s like trying to​ give up smoking,​ only there’s no such thing as​ a​ food patch. More traditional weight-loss plans like diet clubs and slimming milkshakes can be effective at​ beating these urges,​ but only if​ you stick to​ them strictly.

One of​ the​ best non-fad ways to​ lose weight is​ to​ take up a​ sport as​ a​ hobby. Whether it’s running,​ football,​ tennis or​ whatever doesn’t matter,​ as​ long as​ it​ gets you physically active regularly. Active people can eat huge amounts and still not get fat,​ as​ they are using all the​ energy every day – and it​ only takes a​ surprisingly small amount of​ extra exercise to​ tip you from putting on​ a​ tiny amount of​ weight each day to​ losing a​ tiny amount of​ weight each day. Remember,​ the​ little things all add up over time.

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