Lose Weight During The Holidays How To Get Double Credit For Every Lost Pound

If you've been struggling with your excess fat,​ the​ prospect of​ the​ upcoming holidays may well fill you with dread.

You barely fit in​ your clothes as​ is. if​ things go the​ way they usually go during the​ holidays,​ you may have to​ join the​ post-holiday shopping crowds out of​ necessity! You won't have a​ thing to​ wear - because nothing will fit anymore.

I don't know about you,​ but that prospect always makes me cringe. I've been there,​ and I'd rather not repeat it.

Which is​ why I have occasionally approached the​ holiday season in​ a​ rather contrarian spirit when it​ comes to​ my intake of​ food. And I'm planning to​ do it​ again this year.

How's that? Easy.

There are two major weight loss facts that work in​ my favor here:

Every pound I lose between Thanksgiving and early January counts twice!

It's a​ matter of​ simple math!

As you know,​ those of​ us already struggling with extra weight can easily add 10 pounds or​ more during a​ few weeks of​ reckless ingestion of​ cookies and eggnog. I've done it​ before,​ and I don't care to​ repeat that particular feat.

Now imagine this: Instead of​ adding 10 pounds,​ how would you feel if​ you were to​ lose 10 pounds instead. or​ even "just" 5 pounds. You'd be way ahead of​ the​ game,​ wouldn't you.

Sure,​ it'll be a​ bit of​ a​ hassle. Maybe even a​ big hassle. But just for a​ few weeks. Meanwhile,​ if​ you keep the​ pay-off in​ mind,​ it​ will feel so worth it.

But it​ wouldn't be half as​ good an​ idea if​ it​ weren't for fat loss secret number two:

Most people's bodies seem to​ respond very nicely to​ alternating high and low calorie intake days.

There are several diets that feature this technique,​ including renegade versions of​ traditional ones. Just check out the​ Wendie Plan,​ Wendie's version of​ Weight Watchers,​ where she distributes the​ 35 extra "points" over just 3 to​ 4 of​ the​ 7 days,​ thereby creating quite some ups and downs.

The weight though will just go down,​ down,​ and down some more because that kind of​ "weight cycling" prevents our bodies from turning into metabolic slugs.

Imagine the​ potential of​ this little trick. You could work its magic by simply planning some diet days alternating with some less restrictive days - carefully scheduling the​ more generous allotments for the​ days with office parties,​ family Christmas celebrations,​ and so on.

That's exactly what I'm going to​ do.

Yes,​ I know! It's going to​ be hard with all the​ seasonal goodies around.

So let's review the​ benefits:

If you DO lose weight NOW,​ it​ will count DOUBLE!

Instead of​ gaining 10 pounds,​ you could LOSE 10 pounds!

Net loss: 20 pounds,​ maybe even more!

Wouldn't THAT be worth a​ little awkwardness around the​ punch bowl? Imagine being that much slimmer come New Year's Eve! Imagine the​ dress you'd be able to​ wear -- the​ one that hasn't fit you in​ ages! Imagine all your friends having piled on​ the​ pounds in​ the​ meantime,​ wondering how the​ heck you managed to​ actually get thinner!

Go ahead. You deserve to​ look and feel great! Make that new and improved body your own personal Christmas present.

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