Lose Weight At A Fairly Rapid Pace After Stomach Stapling Surgery

Lose Weight At A Fairly Rapid Pace After Stomach Stapling Surgery

After you have your stomach stapling surgery your surgeon or​ doctor may have told you that you will lose weight at​ a​ fairly rapid pace. Many find that they lose their weight within the​ first year. the​ years after this may find them losing some weight,​ but it​ will mainly be their job to​ simply maintain the​ new body weight that they’ve achieved.

The stomach stapling surgery does come with many risks and complications. You could develop an​ infection. You could actually die. About one half to​ one percent of​ all stomach stapling patients die during or​ after the​ surgery. Plus there is​ the​ chance that you may need to​ have surgery at​ a​ later date in​ order to​ fix a​ complication that has come up. Sometimes the​ bands around the​ stomach slip or​ wear through the​ stomach lining. Sometimes the​ patients staples tear lose and need to​ be replaced.

Also due to​ your rapid weight loss after years of​ being obese you may find that your skin begins to​ hang down on​ your body. There may be a​ lot or​ a​ little bit of​ sagging skin depending of​ a​ variety of​ factors. Your speed of​ weight loss. Whether or​ not you are being very active. Your age can even affect this. if​ you are younger your skin will have an​ easier time shrinking and will thus shrink faster than if​ you are older.

Most people with loose skin will find that their skin shrinks back eventually though it​ may take up to​ a​ year. Sometimes it​ becomes very inconvinent and uncomfortable for people and they look into skin removal surgery.

Skin removal surgery is​ sometimes referred to​ as​ ‘body contouring’ or​ ‘body lift’ surgery and involves the​ removal of​ the​ excess skin hanging down from your body,​ which can leave scars but this is​ othen considered an​ easy trade.

Lose Weight At A Fairly Rapid Pace After Stomach Stapling Surgery

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