Looking At The Benefits Of Work

Working is​ an​ all but unqualified necessity to​ living as​ an​ adult in​ America–or any other country–today. to​ make a​ living, to​ pay the rent or​ the mortgage or​ the raise children, one must have a​ job. in​ a​ way, one’s entire life is​ geared toward preparing one for​ that job. School, college, extra curricular activities. All of​ these have and​ are designed to​ have some influence in​ helping the individual choose what job they will get once they become an​ adult and​ are out on​ their own. But too many people, perhaps, view work as​ the means to​ an​ end. The majority of​ Americans spend more time at​ the workplace than with their families, yet this​ doesn’t change that perception. That all of​ those hours spent in​ an​ office, or​ out in​ the field selling, or​ in​ a​ classroom teaching, are only there because of​ the paycheck at​ the end of​ the week. to​ live a​ happy and​ fulfilling life, it​ is​ necessary to​ change that perception. to​ view work as​ more than just a​ way to​ make money. Work has its own rewards, in​ and​ of​ itself. Remembering this, in​ an​ era where work takes up so much of​ our lives, is​ important. Here are some of​ the benefits.

There is​ an​ inherent discipline instilled in​ us with the presence of​ work in​ our lives. Work demands a​ commitment. it​ demands a​ schedule. it​ demands a​ certain​ amount of​ structure. Take a​ look at​ anyone you​ might know who is​ unemployed. Look at​ their way of​ life. it​ may seem desirable to​ have all of​ the hours of​ the day to​ do whatever you​ want with them, but it​ can be more of​ a​ burden than a​ fulltime job. it​ leads to​ a​ breakdown of​ those qualities that make us human beings. Without goals and​ deadlines and​ tasks to​ accomplish, a​ man (or woman) is​ no longer meaningful to​ society. They offer nothing. and​ it​ won’t be long before that person​ knows it.

Work leads to​ growth as​ a​ human being. While it’s not the only facet of​ our lives that can foster such growth, it​ may be the most important one. if​ one is​ challenged on​ a​ daily basis by the rigors of​ work, they are forced to​ change and​ grow to​ meet those challenges. Whether they are manifested in​ the acquisition​ of​ new customers or​ the learning of​ a​ new computer system, or​ even teaching the mechanics of​ a​ foreign automobile to​ someone new on​ the job, these tasks make us better. Without them, we grow stagnant.

As a​ whole, work improves us. it​ makes us better. Conquering new challenges can lead the way to​ promotions and​ more money, but that is​ again​ treating work as​ a​ means to​ an​ end. There is​ personal satisfaction​ in​ these challenges, apart from the rewards at​ the end of​ the day. Those that choose to​ view work in​ this​ way will be happier in​ the long run. a​ popular t-shirt slogan says that he who dies with the most toys wins. you​ may or​ may not subscribe to​ that philosophy, but what does it​ say of​ all the time before your​ death? Shouldn’t you​ enjoy the race?

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