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Living In Remote Place No Internet Connectivity Learn How To Put Your Business On Line

Living in​ Remote Place? No Internet Connectivity? Learn How to​ Put Your Business On-line
Let's face it .​
Rural internet connectivity problem is​ a​ true and real concern for developing third-world countries .​
The same is​ also true even in​ developed countries particularly in​ far,​ remote rural villages .​
Sometimes access to​ communication is​ only via two-way radios .​
Other areas have telephone service but wanting even in​ dial-up internet access.
The biggest challenge therefore for an​ aspiring internet businessman or​ home-based internet worker in​ far remote villages is​ how to​ achieve rural internet connectivity .​
What should you​ do if​ you​ are in​ such a​ situation?
First,​ take an​ assessment of​ your local area and discuss with community members the​ possibility of​ bringing rural internet access to​ the​ village .​
In your assessment,​ take note of​ the​ number of​ household that are going to​ be benefited from your idea .​
Local businessmen and village leaders would certainly like the​ idea of​ introducing communication service .​
Make them understand the​ benefit/advantages of​ your proposal .​
Form yourselves into a​ group and create a​ committee to​ be tasked with planning and raising funds for this project .​
For sustainability,​ make it​ an​ income-generating project or​ enterprise to​ help defray maintenance cost.
If all is​ already in​ place .​
Identify and plan now how are you​ going to​ get a​ backhaul internet access .​
Backhaul is​ going to​ be your main communication link from your area to​ the​ nearest internet service provider.
Basically,​ since you​ are going to​ distribute the​ connection to​ several household or​ establishment in​ the​ area,​ you​ will need a​ dedicated internet access in​ the​ level of​ E1 (2048Kbps) or​ T1(1536Kbps).
However,​ for start-up purposes,​ consider getting a​ high-speed,​ high-bandwidth DSL connection (with CIR or​ Committed Information Rate) from the​ nearest ISP .​
Hauling or​ extending the​ internet connection (DSL) will require using an​ Ethernet (IP) Radio such as​ Wireless Bridge (WLAN) .​
This will require planning if​ your place is​ in​ a​ remote area.
The easy solution would be to​ get an​ internet access service via satellite or​ VSAT .​
VSAT or​ Very Small Aperture Terminal has the​ advantage of​ delivering communication anywhere irregardless of​ the​ topography and location of​ the​ area .​
As long as​ it​ is​ covered with-in the​ foot prints of​ the​ satellite transponder .​
a​ big disadvantage with VSAT Link is​ its bandwidth limitation,​ service quality and cost of​ service .​
Further,​ it's not as​ reliable as​ a​ fixed line (cable) and terrestrial wireless broadband radios.
Another viable option would be to​ get your backhaul internet access from the​ nearest internet service provider .​
Perhaps,​ the​ nearest is​ from a​ city several miles away from your village .​
Certainly,​ a​ developed town or​ city near your area must have telephone and internet service .​
Your goal now is​ how to​ bring telephone and internet communication to​ your village .​
Aim also for the​ telephone service .​
You have the​ advantage of​ local calling at​ no extra long-distance charges if​ you​ can get local dial tone from the​ said telephone local exchange.
Next conduct a​ survey and note the​ topography by drawing a​ path line from your village going to​ that particular town or​ city .​
If the​ path is​ flat,​ with no mountainous obstruction in​ between,​ the​ greater the​ chance of​ signal reaching your village straight from the​ telco's exchange.
Negotiate with the​ local exchange operator the​ possibility of​ a​ joint-collaboration of​ your proposed communication project .​
Explain your objective and enlist their support for the​ project to​ materialize .​
Ask them if​ they could provide a​ solution package that would include them providing the​ radio equipment for the​ backhaul component .​
Some operator would agree to​ the​ idea especially if​ the​ project offer a​ good return on​ investment and assured monthly recurring revenue.
In such case,​ you​ already have achieved your goal of​ bringing rural internet to​ your village .​
As much as​ possible,​ locate your node in​ the​ center where it​ would be easy to​ re-distribute the​ service to​ the​ whole village .​
The node is​ where the​ service operator dropped-off the​ internet connection using the​ radio .​
From their,​ you​ need to​ re-broadcast the​ connection to​ the​ whole of​ the​ village.
The most cost-effective way is​ to​ re-distribute it​ using an​ outdoor,​ long-range WLAN (Wireless LAN) Access Point radio .​
Outdoor WLAN type of​ radio is​ ideal for Wireless ISP .​
This type of​ radio is​ robust,​ high-power,​ reliable,​ designed for outdoor operation and worst-weather conditions .​
You will need to​ purchase only one radio base station- Access Point (AP) and several Customer Premise Equipments (CPE) .​
The AP serves as​ the​ master server and the​ CPE the​ receiver/slave to​ connect your place to​ the​ node .​
For greater flexibility we suggest buying a​ WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) Standard radio instead of​ proprietary technology.
Please note,​ if​ the​ internet provider will not provide the​ backhaul radio .​
As mentioned,​ a​ long-range,​ outdoor,​ wireless IP-Radio called Wireless Bridge (a type of​ WLAN) will be needed to​ haul the​ internet connection from the​ city to​ your village .​
WLAN is​ cost-effective and reliable .​
The advantages of​ using WiFi equipment is​ greater than using a​ proprietary technology.
A proprietary technology is​ a​ solution customized by a​ manufacturer using its own standards and not the​ common standards .​
WiFi is​ an​ approved standard and all products complying with the​ standards have compatibility and inter-operability irregardless of​ the​ maker .​
Latest advances in​ WiFi products have made it​ an​ ideal choice for WISP.
Long-Range Wireless LAN (WLAN) is​ a​ broadband technology .​
Combining it​ with VoIP and virtual IP-PBX technology,​ the​ extended dial tones from the​ operator's local exchange could now served as​ trunk line for a​ wireless local telephone exchange .​
Your once isolated village is​ now connected using cost-effective rural internet solution.


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