Learning To Use Internet Business Directories

As an​ online business owner,​ one of​ your preoccupations is​ increasing your site traffic. if​ you​ have been in​ business for even a​ short period of​ time,​ you​ know that the​ key to​ getting more hits is​ by optimizing for the​ search engines. Most people use the​ search engines to​ find the​ sites they are looking for,​ so it​ is​ in​ your best interests to​ achieve as​ high a​ page ranking as​ you​ can.

Search engine optimization is​ vital to​ your business,​ but you​ should not overlook another method for increasing your site traffic: getting listed in​ an​ internet business directory. Internet business directories work in​ the​ same way that yellow pages work for traditional pages. to​ wit,​ they are listings of​ the​ various businesses operating on​ the​ web. to​ make the​ listings more tenable to​ use,​ the​ sites are grouped according to​ different categories. Sites can be listed by topics or​ regions,​ for example. Different business directories use different criteria to​ categorize its sites.

The reason you​ want to​ get listed in​ an​ internet business directory is​ simple: people use directories to​ find sites. While getting listed in​ an​ internet business directory is​ not as​ important as​ getting optimized for the​ search engines,​ it​ can nevertheless contribute to​ an​ increase in​ your site traffic. People use directories to​ find a​ wide variety of​ sites pertaining to​ topics they are interested in. Obviously,​ not being listed is​ a​ disadvantage.

To have your site listed in​ an​ internet business directory,​ you​ must first identify the​ directories that you​ feel will be most conducive to​ your business’ success. Next,​ you​ will have to​ submit your site for possible inclusion. if​ your site is​ legitimate,​ you​ should have no problem getting accepted. After being reviewed,​ your site will be indexed in​ the​ most appropriate category.

Here some excellent examples of​ internet business directories:

AME Info (www.ameinfo.com) – a​ business directory listing almost 200,​ 000 Middle Eastern companies.
AT&T Directories (www.att.com/directory/index.html) – This site can help you​ find a​ persons and/ or​ business by name or​ phone number.
Big Book (www.bigbook.com) – a​ listing of​ businesses within the​ United States. you​ can search for a​ business using its name,​ location,​ or​ category.
BizEurope.com Resources (www.bizeurope.com/bsr/manu/resource.htm) - a​ listing of​ European companies involved in​ importing and exporting.
British Companies (www.britishcompanies.co.uk) – a​ listing of​ British consumer product companies.
British Services (www.britishservices.co.uk) – a​ listing of​ British service providers.
Business.com (www.business.com) – This site also doubles as​ a​ search engine. you​ can find products,​ services,​ companies and jobs here.
Corporate Affiliations (www.corporateaffiliations.com) – lists companies that have merged,​ changed names,​ or​ gone out of​ business.
Europages: European Business Directory (www.europages.com) – Europages lists the​ addresses of​ half a​ million companies from thirty European countries. the​ site can be viewed in​ six languages.

This listing is​ not meant to​ be an​ exhaustive one,​ but it​ should be sufficient to​ get you​ started. Remember that internet business directories can help you​ increase your market reach,​ so you​ should never overlook them!

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