Learning How To Make Money Blogging 458

Learning How to​ Make Money Blogging
There are two major types of​ business models that
entrepreneurs use to​ make money blogging .​
The first
and most common way to​ turn a​ blog into a​ profit
making machine is​ to​ sell advertising to​ different
companies and brands who want to​ reach that blog's
readers .​
The second kind of​ money making blog is​ one
that helps a​ single brand improve its image by creating
positive associations between the​ blog and the​ product
in the​ mind of​ consumers .​
Both kinds of​ blogs can
make a​ lot of​ money,​ especially if​ the​ creator has a​ keen
mind for marketing .​
If you​ are blogging with the​ goal of​ selling advertising,​
there are two basic ways that you​ can go about
recruiting sponsors who want to​ put ads on​ your site;
you can let someone else do all of​ the​ legwork,​ or​ you
can do the​ work yourself and keep all of​ the​ revenue.
Within the​ first group,​ many people make money
blogging by selling space through Google's AdSense
program .​
The advantages of​ this program are numerous,​
as it​ requires very little effort on​ the​ part of​ the​ blogger
or webmaster to​ begin raking in​ profits .​
However,​ most
people discover that they make less money through this
method than they had hoped that their blog would earn .​
Selling advertising directly to​ companies who want to
put banner ads or​ sponsored links on​ your blog can take
quite a​ bit of​ time,​ but it​ is​ often fairly lucrative .​
If you
have a​ lot of​ contacts in​ industries that are related to​ the
topic of​ your blog,​ you​ may want to​ try to​ go this route.
People who have a​ strong background in​ sales and are
experienced at​ pitching proposals can make quite a​ bit
of money by renting blog space to​ interested companies.
The most serious problem with this model is​ that you
often have to​ build quite a​ sizable readership before you
can attract advertisers,​ which can mean that you​ have to
do several months of​ work before you​ start to​ make
money blogging .​
As blogging becomes a​ more and more lucrative
business,​ a​ lot of​ established companies are considering
how they can get into the​ action .​
One way that
companies are capitalizing on​ the​ blog movement is​ by
having blogs that provide a​ kind of​ friendly face for
their corporation .​
Often,​ a​ company will employ an
established blogger to​ create a​ weblog designed
specifically to​ appeal to​ that company's customers and
to create positive associations with the​ brand in
consumers' minds .​
More than one writer who never
even dreamed that he or​ she could make money
blogging has been approached by a​ company and
offered quite a​ pretty penny for this kind of​ gig .​


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